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    Quote Originally Posted by Powell901 View Post
    Hello, my name is Mark. I purchased my CW 8 years ago, retired 3 years ago and am finally getting time to dig into my “retirement machine”. I’ve gotten on to the forum and have been poking around getting information here. I have carved a number of projects including signs, the Kuerig coffee rack and religious items.

    I am curious where forum members are getting their raw materials from. Typically I have used clear pine or oak from Home Depot. At times I have been fortunate enough to get reclaimed lumber from friends. Today’s prices are extreme so I would like to know if I am missing a source or a particular species.
    Here is the last sign I carved for my sister’s retirement home business: Attachment 88669
    Glad to hear that you have the long list all done so that you can now spend some time carving!

    Yes the lumber/wood availability and prices are a big issue right now. Look for lumber mills in your area. A lot of them advertise on Craigs list and the Market place. Nice sign for your sister..
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    Welcome, hope you enjoy the machine and what it can do. I have not purchased any wood at stores or lumber yards in years. I have a planner, so rough cut is my go to. I can and have had logs sawed, purchased stacks of saw wood. I look anywhere and everywhere. I also purchase used lumber that I can clean up. I have pulled some awesome cherry off pallets.v If a piece of wood does not grade well, off to the pallet shop it goes. They grade the whole piece, where I only grade the size I can use. i have wood from a few different countries. Put the word out your looking as well, I just save a box of Zebrawood from a fire pit. The wife wanted to burn, the husband knew I played with wood and asked if I could use it. Like Floyd stated C. L. and marketplace are good sources, but watch the prices as a few are dumping wood at much higher prices taking advantage of the wood prices of today. The prices will drop again, but it will take awhile.

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