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Thread: Introduce Yourself

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    Welcome to the forum. The guys here can answer most any questions you might have.

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    Just got signed on with CW forum and looking for a pre-owned carvewright and once that hits my shop, I am sure that I will have a ton of questions. I look forward to talking with you all!

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    yes yes Welcome to the community!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyAngel View Post
    Just got signed on with CW forum and looking for a pre-owned carvewright and once that hits my shop, I am sure that I will have a ton of questions. I look forward to talking with you all!
    This is one of 3 listed on Ebay -

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    Hello all.

    After watching allot of YouTube and Google searches on CNC machines; I stumbled on Carvewright. I really liked what I saw and read, but wanting to have my eyes fully open about Carvewright. I searched for all the negative stuff I could find. The ease and possibilities over shadowed the negative for me. I guess I would have to find out for myself, so I placed my order this past Sunday under the Easter Special package. Iím now playing with the design program on my laptop while I wait for delivery of my new Carvewright.

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    Welcome to the CW and forum!

    Just in case you have not seen them yet, make sure you check out the tutorials and tips and tricks found under the support section on the CarveWright web site. Lots of great information to get you started with both the software and machine.

    Let us know if you have any questions and looking forward to seeing some of your carvings.
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    Hello allow me to introduce myself my name is Rocky and I just bought the Carvewright machinge last month still having a bit of trouble learning how to design stuff atm though. Anyone in the Toledo ohio area or close that I could meet up with and get a few pointers on how to use this think before it becomes a boat anchor
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    Well I've done it.I spent the whole day reading the pdf manual, watching the DVD, and seting up the machine and laptop. I even installed the Erwin Dustcollector. Tomorrow I hope to fire it up with the tutorial project 1.

    Antioch, CA

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    All the best Bert and welcome to the Forum. Enjoy your system now that you've wisely read the posts and keep us up to date on your progress with projects. Happy sawdust!
    Fair winds,

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    Best wishes and great success with your CW
    Leo Davenport
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