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  1. Default New User, Old Machine

    Hi all. I'm new! I started a "new" job a few months back and have finally had time to start looking at the cool stuff we have lying around. One of these things is a CarveWright. I have no idea how old it is, but suspect it to be around 8 years, since the manual is dated 07/17/08 on every page. The front cover says CW01.01. I don't know how much it has been used, but I do know from my predecessor that the calibration is off. He suggested it may need to be serviced, but I was hoping to hear from the folks on here how likely it is that I could open it up myself and try to get it cleaned out and in working order again. I'm not sure the cost to have a machine this old repaired would be justified.
    Anyway, I haven't started it up yet as I've been trying to learn up on the thing before I plug it in. Anyone have insight on where to find instructions (I have the printed manual, but want to make sure I have as up-to-date info as I can find) and the quickstart for this CNC that I am sure is several models behind? I can only find one manual on the site, and it doesn't specify what it's for.
    I have the memory card writer and the other bits and pieces shown in the manual.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Greetings All, Brand new to the forum community. Had the machine a few weeks now and this sure is fun! Had it up in our garage initially. I will say it has the sound of 1000 screaming teenagers. (I should have known this already) So I moved it to our basement for a sound enclosure set up. (I also live in MN without a heated garage so I wanted to be able to control the environment) I'm halfway through the construction of a sound "reducing" box. I've been inspired by searching other members "hush Box" set-ups on these threads and hope to get somewhat close/similar results. I would have put windows on it but didnt want to risk any sound loss so I have a baby monitor for video and temperature I might try. I grabbed a quick video of the current state last night in case anyone else has some recomendations I might consider as I finalize the box. (yes...I'm designing as I go..bad idea)

    Edit: and here is the finished box with some sound tests. It surpassed my expectations!!!

  3. Cool

    New guy here from southeast North Carolina, hello to everyone and thanks for being here.

    Maybe this is a little ranty, but what the heck.

    Got the software Monday and, wow, just wow; was chomping at the bit just waiting to mess up some wood. UPS showed up yesterday morning and I had the pleasure of watching the driver roll the box from the truck, down the steps and into the dirt end over end, sheer terror. Got to give it to him, it did land right side up. He looked at me and smiled and said it was heavy, while handling the box my rotary jig was in like it was a crystal vase, go figure. I asked him if he had a dolly and he actually admitted to it, but he said it didn't work well in the sand. I was cordial with him, but can't say here what I was thinking at the time.

    Now, I live in the sticks, 50-60 years ago or more it was sandy swamps. It's more than a half mile to a paved county road and another 30 miles to a descent store or restaurant and I can't see my neighbors or, mostly (gunfire), hear them. I like it; I don't care if he doesn't. I was told by a neighbor that UPS and FedEx did not like delivering "'round these here parts"; I love it here.

    The box was undamaged, so I signed for it. Got it unpacked and setting on a table, I wanted to hug it. While going through the box I noticed 2 bolts and 2 nuts lying in the bottom, uh oh. I opened the machine and saw the Y-axis motor lying up against the chuck with the bag of desiccant between them. I took pictures and called Carvewright support.

    Now this is where the rant takes a turn for the better. I called support and got ahold of Chris. Told him my issue and let him know I was willing, heck, wanting, to put it back together and see if it would work. He agreed and asked me to email him pictures. Well, it didn't; Y-axis error. Called him again and he told me to pack it back up and UPS would pick it up this week. I hope it's the same guy as I won't be helping him carry it, this time. And, he gets to deliver another one as Chris told me he put me in the pipeline for a new machine, ASAP.

    I have talked to at least three people at Carvewright support more than once during the software licensing, machine unlocking and the shipping issue, and each and every time they treated me very well, solved my issues and left me feeling better each time. This is a rarity, but shouldn't be. My relationship with Carvewright has started out very well, this was not their fault. My relationship with the UPS driver, not so much. Why do something if you won't do it well? I will find out what I can do to report this to UPS as I am sure they would like to know, right?

    I'm a semi-retired software/electronics engineer and, when needed, a shade tree mechanic. I play PS3/4 video games, been playing interactive games since you had to push the pinball up manually; you older guys know what I mean. Other than building a pig pen and a couple dog houses over the years, I've got no real wood working (woodworking?) experience. I want to build things my kids and grandkids will want to keep and hand down and saw this machine as a very interesting tool to help me accomplish my goal. I might even find a way to make money, too.

    So, I am here to soak up as much of your shared experiences as I can and hope I can share mine, as well.

  4. Default Hey y'all

    I guess I'm a complete Newbie. I've only very recently starting working with wood -- I've done computer design of machine embroidery for years and have wanted to expand to different mediums. I just got my machine and I'm having a problem even getting it out of the box! I'm going to have to get my husband and a neighbor here at the same time just to get the dang thing out. Is there anyone in the east Atlanta/West Athens Georgia area with one of these beasts?

    I'm in Walnut Grove which is 10 miles from everything... 10 miles south of Loganville, East of Conyers, West of Monroe and North of Covington.

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    Welcome! Make unpacking easy by turning the box over and cutting the tape on the bottom. Then gently roll the box upright again with the box flaps folded outward. Then lift off the box from the machine! You'll still need help lifting the machine to place on your work surface.
    Michael T
    Happy Carving!

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    OK, I think maybe I have a problem. I purchased this machine used and 1) I did not receive all that he promised me (i.e. if the deal sounds too good to be true, beware.) He promised me a computer to go with the machine, but did not send it. 2) It's broken. I finally got it out of the box he packed it in and the display seems to be missing (or it slipped out of the slot it was supposed to be affixed and is down in the machine itself.) Any advice?

    I'm now wondering if he actually purchased it legally or I've been gypped. Is there some one I can send the serial number to and check on it?


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    Default How to get approved?

    How does one get approved?


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    Quote Originally Posted by holmesshanea View Post
    How does one get approved?

    I don't show a Carvewright machine registered in your name, so call us and lets sort it out.

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    I am Byron Harris and l live in Colorful Colorado. I got my machine about a month ago and am trying to get aquatinted with it as soon as I can. Lots of things to learn and so little time.

    The problem I am having right now is repeatability. I think there should be a third option if the board measures slightly different then the project that allows me to continue instead of just the 2 options of a new board or resize the project. Most of the posts say to essentially to not let the machine resize the project, so the option to continue would allow the user to just continue instead of shutting down, changing the project, and starting over again. Just my opinion for what its worth. It might fix my repeatability problem.


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    Default I am new to this.

    I go by Bjorn my shop is The Blood Eagle Woodcrafts, ithe is mostly a hobby. I am a disabled vet and I am wanting to make better carvings with this machine than by hand. I will be donating the things I make to the Gold Star Families to sell to raise money for different things. I am not computer smart with that said I can not for the life of me figure the software out I am a hands on person and unfortunately there is no one in my area that can instruct me, but I will get it with everyone's help on here just be patient with me when asking questions I am a guy that has to have it broken down to me barney style or using the kis method (keep it simple). I look forward to learning this software and the machine.

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