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    Newest update. As some of you know I was in the process of buying a new house with a bigger shop. Well during my move someone busted into my old shop and stole the tools I had not yet moved. This includes my CW. I have had such bad luck with that machine. They took about $16,000 in tools. They even stole that really awesome project I was excited to finish and share. The police think they know who did it, so maybe I can get some back. Anyways, back to the drawing board.

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    I so sorry that someone stole your CW and tools! And when they steal a project, it's personal item that can't easily be replace.
    Hopefully the rest of your move goes better and your insurance can replace your lost tools.
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    Sorry to here that. Make sure LHR knows about your machine in case the theif tries to register or sell it.

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    I've noted it in the customer account and machine serial number records, plus customer service is aware of the machine theft.

    Whoever stole it will probably sell it to some innocent person and they won't be able to know its stolen until they try to register it. Thief is stealing from you and them.
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    I have had my cw for 3 months now. I have a total of 36 hours on it, I have more time on the phone with support and waiting for the thing to be returned to me from repairs than it is worth, I am on hold right now waiting for instructions on what to do now, Fix it thru faq's or send it back, After spending $3300 on this I thought it would be a better tool than it is . I will gladly tell you more about this if you want to call my, # is 316-616-8586, I have spent the last two hours on the phone with tech support, We have to send the CW back for more repair work, When the thing works, I love it, But getting it to work is a full time J.O.B. One day it will work, I hope, all I have to do now is wait for the pick-up, Repairs, and to be returned to me, I have ask for a new CW to be sent to me or to have my money returned, That will not happen, So if you get a CW with problems you are stuck with it. I have been a wood worker for 30+ years and I own a plotter/cutter that the software is close to the same, I am familiar with all types of tools, So I think I can tell when I get a bad tool, and before I get everyone mad let me say that I am saying the tool I have does not work properly, Yours may, if it does than you are lucky, If it don't than you are in the same boat with me, I hope the next three weeks passes quickly so I may have another 10 hours with this tool, Vernon
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    Yes it has been very personal. The project has taken many hours both on the machine and by hand, and I was so close to finishing. The insurance company is working on my case, but they are more interested in taking payments than actually paying out. Plus if they do they are going to only replace certain items and the items that they do replace are going to be depreciated. They think that my shop was not properly secured even though they could not break through the lock and actually ended up busting through the wall. I am sure it is someone we knew or a neighbor. I might not be able to replace my machine right away. Maybe have to wait till taxes next year, if my wife will let me. She hates these things because of all the trouble I have had. What is crazy is the police department does not even come out and create a police report any more. They do it over the phone. Happy carving guys, and carve something for me! I will probably not be on here much for a while, due to my terrible luck.

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    Dont take the insurance companies arguments sitting down and don't accept any offer you do not think is fair. They will low ball you because most people just accept it. Trust me I know, I refused two offers before getting what I thought was correct but I got every penny. They did not even put up much of an argument and it really was not that hard once they knew I was serious they fell like dominoes.

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    Thanks for the advise. I will definately fight for what is owed. We had our septic back up once. They refused to fix the septic, they would however fix all damage done by the problem. I fought with them for a year got the government involved in it. I can not remember the divisions name but they help with fighting unjust insurance companies. I still lost. Believe me I will fight though.

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