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Thread: Suggestions for using this forum

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    Default Suggestions for using this forum

    Some things to remember when posting in the pattern sharing forum:

    A screenshot is worth a thousand words. Please consider taking the time to attach a good quality image of the pattern from your software. This is a big time-saver when people are looking for something. Even if you're posting it for a particular person and they already know what it is, there will be countless other visitors in the future that look at the file and say "Hmm... I wonder what this pattern looks like".

    A descriptive file name and link are extremely helpful. A pattern named "Tobsf_133.ptn" simply cannot be found unless a user stumbles across it, downloads it, imports it, and sees it. A more helpful file name, like "mountain-scenery-with-lake.ptn" is a much, much better choice.

    Try to avoid zip files unless necessary. If you're posting more than one at a time, try to post them individually instead of as a zip file. This is a big time-saver for someone wanting a particular pattern. Zip files should be used for collections that are intended to be used or viewed together.

    Post *.PTN files, not *.MPC files if possible. It's a cleaner and more versatile way for transfer and storage of patterns. Why make everyone after the share goes up have to copy or import the ptn file before they can put it on their own project in the software?

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    Great suggestions, thanks Jonny.

    Just to add a little to that, start with the main topic like frame_western or frame_baby_boy.

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