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Thread: Sandpaper drive belt

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    Default Sandpaper drive belt

    Has anyone put a new belt on. My front belt is coming apart, the guy at CarveWright said he would send me one, I ask if there was any repair book I could get but he said there was not any at this time. The v-grove bearing for the z-axis came off and I think that is what got the belt. I should be able the get the jod done on my owen but I do not want to spend Hours on a job that should take less time. When I emailed them thay got right back to me. I think with the 2 1/2 hours I used the machine after all the bugs get worked out, and with help from the Forum this will be a nice machine. Thanks for the help. Dan

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    Hello Mr. Myers, I spoke with you earlier.

    We do have a document that shows how to remove and replace the belt. I will email you this if you like.

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