I just posted the customer support regarding this, but I thought would ask for advice on the forum as well. We are currently cutting 12mmx36cmx121cm corian and having accuracy problems on a double sided project.

Given the accuracy of the machine is dependent on the number of rotations the tracking sensor makes(board travel distance) and the initial edge sensor accuracy:

1) Can we change the order of the cutting so the cuts needing the most x-accuracy comes first? Or before error occurs.
2) At what point is it better to break up a project into multiple runs?
3) At what point is it better to agglomerate cuts into a pattern using STL and raster cut?
4) Is the x-accuracy drift of the raster cuts accumulative on the passes or global? Should we do a path cut around the outside and hog out the material using the raster?
5) What location on the board is the most accurate on the front and the back (I assumed the 0,0 point but from the recent cut results I'm less sure).