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Thread: CarveWright Designer wishlist

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    You can always raster carve the area with a 1/8" feather (not flipped), hen go around it with a 1/8" cutting bit with a 1/16" inset to square up the edges. Quicker to design, but longer to carve = same result.
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    What if your board width is a standard size, let's say 11.25" and I want to have my dado (pocket) cut through the side. According to the video, you can't do this because of the rollers. That means I would need a wider board for my project. I don't like that feature! I want to be able to cut through the side without purchasing a wider board. I suppose I could build a frame that would be wider to place the piece into for carving, but I would have to build this frame for every size board that I wanted to place dadoes. The top of my project is .75"x 11.25" x 58.75", I don't want to build a frame.

    What are my options, do I have any; other than buying a different CNC machine?


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    Can you not just put rails on the sides to hold up the rollers? (Effectively a wider board.) If the dado is the only or last operation, you may not have to worry about the rollers.

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    Default Keyhole bit versatility

    I have designed two cribbage boards that do not lend themselves to a keyhole slot in either a x or y (0 or 90 degree) axis. I want to be able to hang them on a wall but would like to be able to vary the direction of the keyhole by degrees. Is there a work-around? If not, please consider this for the next software update.

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    Weird format for a wish list, but here goes..

    Repeat Last Project - I am carving three of the same thing today, sure would be nice!

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