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Thread: CarveWright Designer wishlist

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    Lightbulb New and Improved - CarveWright Wishlist

    As I've been using Deigner for several weeks now I've discoverd that while it is generally great I wish it had another feature or two. I thought it maight be nice to create a which list where feature requests could be compiled. As others add requests I'll try to keep it all compiled into one list ( EDIT: eventually removing the posts for the original requests after they are added to the list, if no one objects). I'll start out with a feature that I think would be really nice.

    Edit - 5-28-2007: In order to reduce the size of this list and making it easier to read over I have divided things up into groups and make teh descriptions simpler. If more than one person requested a certain feature a vote tally is shown. Light blue items have been addressed.

    Designer software:
    1 ) It would be nice to have a mirrored object behave as one object when the two halves are joined (as do two seperate objects). This would allow you to create half of a symetric piece, mirror it, and still be able to use the carve region and cut out tools.
    2 ) Being able to apply transofrms to a group of objects as though they were one object, i.e. rotate a group of objects around groups center. Also the ability to allow copying objects from project to project without the constraints (attachments), including centering, being carried with it. Currently, something that has been centered on one board size will not be centerd when pasted onto a diffrent board size.
    3 ) Bug fix: As noted in #3 Designer lets you create geometry on the part's side and will even render something that looks good on the screen. The machine will not cut it though. EDIT: This seems like it may have been an issue with the older downloadable trial vesion of Designer, as of Version 1.115 you cannot create geometry on the side of the part.
    4 ) Improve toolpath verification as sometimes you can design something and it looks good in Designer but it won't carve like it looks.
    5) The ability to lower the depth of centerline text would be usefull, especially within a carving region. It currently forces the centerline text to be at the top surface of the board, even if you have lowered that top surface with a carving region.
    6 ) I hope to see the text tool improve at the most. It would be great to flow a text line in a wave path or circle(s), and to have Superscript and subscript fonts, and the ability to underline text in the text.
    7 ) The ability to import files types such as stl, iges, dxf, G-code, etc. files. (5)
    8 ) It would be nice to get an estimated time per feature, so that one can see what features are taking the most time to carve and get estimated vutting times without the need to have the memory card.
    9 ) Snap to the center of a line segment, Place a line tangent to a curve or circle, Place a horizontal or vertical line by holding down the shift key, Allow concentric circles, parallel lines or curves using an offset command, Trim a line, curve, spline to a selected point or other geometry, Create multi sided polygons.
    10 ) Being able to select which side (or center) of a line to rout on. This would make it much simpler to route next to another feature.
    11 ) Being able to spin objects by a keyed in angle, and being able to spin drawn objects (rectangles, elipses, splines). (2)
    12 ) Ruler on edge of screen, Measuring device (click at one point, drag to another point, get instantaneous measurement, then the line disappears when mouse is released), Editable absolute locations.
    13 ) Ability to set feeds, speeds and depth of cut and be able to enter in custom tool profiles.
    14 ) Add an option to allow oversized designs (aka over 15" wide) to be made out of one .mpc file (Tiling), and to slice carvings thicker than 1" into multiple carvings.
    15 ) Add code to the Window such that when idiots like me click on the close window X instead of the close project X the software asks "Are you Sure?". Can't tell you the number of times I open and close the Designer because of this.
    16 ) Have a "Window" menu item/tab to allow switchign between projects faster.
    17 ) The ability to export a pattern from a project to the favorites list and/or to the windows clipboard.
    18 ) Some sort of SDK to allow users to right there own extensions to Designer.
    19 ) The ability to "move to back" or "move to front". Similar to how you can do it in Corel or other graphics programs. That way you could send a pattern to the front or back behind another in order to set precedance on which is cut.
    20 ) The ability to import/export multiple items to from the pattern library (2).
    21 ) Ability to import other textures into Designer.
    22 ) Allow updatingpatterns on board with newer pattern version.
    23 ) The ability to select/deselect items in teh carvin glist so that you complir (post) only those selected objects/tool paths.
    24 ) Ability to read project back off of memory card
    25 ) Better diminsioning, contraintes to other objects etc
    26 ) Frontal lighting option
    27 ) Fix problem that, when using multiple monitors, allows dialog boxes to pop up on wrong monitor.
    28 ) An alternative to 'Height' allow one to set depth of cut and max height of object
    29 ) Some sort of Pattern and Project manager to allow one to visualize their pattern and project library. A built in 'Preview' for the OS would be nice too.
    30 ) Ability to dray profile on edge of board to be used to form a surface.

    Pattern Editor software:
    1 ) I would like to see in the pattern editor a way to export the scan in a gif format that would allow editing in another graphics program. It would also be nice to have a 'clone' tool and for 'Paste' to actually work.

    Machine Operation:
    1 ) Total Cut time remaining on LCD display, not %Done of current object.
    2 ) It would also be nice to have a 1/16" straight cutting bit (not carving) for cutting out small parts in balsa sheet. An adapter and program for 1/8" shank bits would also be nice. Ron Justice is now producing bit adapters that accept smaller bits, search teh forum for rjustice.
    3) Ability to skip operations in a project from the machine control panel
    1 ) Better vaccum port set up

    1 ) Label the software that ships with the machine and probe with the version #, so one needs to know whether or not an upgrade is needed.
    2 ) Rewrite the manuals & the help files so they convey some meaning and useful information. Actaully add a help fiel for Pattern editor.
    3) We need a maintenance manual!
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    Happy carving , Jeff Birt

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    Well I thought of a couple other nice to have feautures while workong on a project today.

    1 ) Ability to control the order of cut-outs. If you have two cut outs nested, the outer one always cuts first, so when the inside one cuts you have a good chance of breaking the part loose.

    2 ) Add a counter sinking option (with the 60 deg V-bit) to the drilling function.
    Happy carving , Jeff Birt

    Check out for CarveWright Accesories.

    Home of the 'Carving in the Dark' back lit LCD kit!

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    You can countersink a hole simply by placing one hole on top of another, one to drill the hole , the other with a v-bit to countersink.
    This is similar to what I did in the step stool project I posted a few days ago. In that case I drilled a hole thru the board and came back on top with a 3/8" bit to counterbore for the screw head and plug.
    I f your countersinking for a screw head , you may want to use a 90 deg. v-bit and play with the depth til you get a 3/8" dia. countersink
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    Default Import paths

    The ability to import paths from either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, and to be able to control the depth of cutting with the carving bit in areas designated by paths that are filled with either black or white.

    OR, the ability to recognize black-and-white bitmapped files as depth-specified areas within paths.

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    Default More wishes

    -- quick key commands to select the pointer tool, magnifier, etc. (Or have I overlooked these?)

    --automatic update (or prompt) for projects with patterns that have been modified and replaced in the library.

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    automatic update (or prompt) for projects with patterns that have been modified and replaced in the library.
    yes please mongo needs..


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    Default Carve Time

    The abilty to see how long a carve is going to take (in the programitself) So you dont need card to find out PAIN!!!!
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    Jeff Birt is on top of the issues that alot of us are contending with. I wonder if Carve Wright ever saw this coming? R & D at its best.
    I'd also like to see the software allow the user to turn elements of design on and off. Like layers in photo shop. Maybe turning groups on and off. This would allow the designer to customize with out starting from scratch. Just a thought.
    Yes a service manual is a must have with drawings and part numbers.
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    Although I suspect that it would take future models, I'd like to see where you could dedicate a computer to the working CarveWright in order to afford more direct control over what and how things are carved .. on the spot. I've sure got a computer that could be put to that use.

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    I think the software looks great. I haven't tried the demo yet, but I'm thinking that it would be nice to be able to buy just the software so that I could create parts and then export to g-code. I would buy the software alone just for that capability.

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