Is anyone using their carvewright to carve pistol grips?

I was curious if there are any patterns available for purchase?
Maybe someone has some hints, tips or tricks to share.

I have been requested by a local gun shop to make model 1911 grips from burl and figured woods. I could make them by hand but figured the machine would be a much more cost effective way to go.

This photo shows the grips I will be attempting to duplicate and an example piece ot the wood that will be used. The grips will have a domed outer surface and the underside or backs will require some cutting of grooves and hollowed areas. The wood I will be using will be slightly larger than the actual finished grips.

I have the carvewright with the scanning probe. I am just unpacking and getting everything set up so bear in mind you are talking to someone with 0 experience using the machine so far. Up until now my time has been spent reading the manual and viewing the video and tutorials on the website.

Any help, direction or advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mark