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    Here is my version of a pen box. I stole a few ideas such as the feet from another project that was posted somewhere on the forum, but sorry I can't find it now. The other project had a cover that opened 90 degrees. I like the idea, but I wanted a cleaner shape outside, so my box opens flat. You can of course easily personalize these projects with a name and an optional inscription on the inside.

    I made two versions. The project with the textured top was too big to upload whole, so I deleted the bottom to get it to fit forum limitations. You'll need to cut and paste from one project to the other to make it whole.

    If you build this project, here a a few suggestions:

    The hinges are readily available from Ace Hardware. After carving the project, remove top and bottom and trim the tabs. Lay top and bottom side by side, top upside down, with the hinge recesses touching one another, and top and bottom butting each other. Carefully install the hinges, making sure that the center line of each hinge lines up exactly with the edges of top and bottom. Now close the box, and use a sanding block to sand the front and sides of the box, top and bottom at the same time. This will ensure an exact fit. The design is such that even if you were off a little when installing the hinges, you can compensate with sanding and no one will know. Then, remove the hinges, and realign top and bottom. It may help maintain alignment to tape the front and side edges with masking tape. Now you can again use the sanding block to finish the back edges top and bottom.

    I found a quality Cross pen and pencil set on Amazon for less than $20, and got two sets to qualify for free shipping.

    The patterns were made with using techniques similar to what I described here:
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