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Thread: Don't know whether to Cheer! or Cry!

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    Default Don't know whether to Cheer! or Cry!

    Hey fellow noisy craftsmen!

    I've got about 20 hours logged after my Carvetight "upgrade" and I'm having a dilemma. I can't decide if I need to call Carvewright and tell them how wonderful it is -OR- call them to complain about how crappy the QC was. That QC really was a real piece of dog crap. Stuck bits taking 30 minutes to get out of the machine. Wobbling so bad the carving came out horrible.

    Damn it I am pissed at having to pay to upgrade that waste of metal......

    But on the other hand, I couldn't be more excited. The best money I ever spent!!

    I guess it's a good problem to have, before this week I was only just angry about the QC.

    Does anyone suggest professional help?

    Carve On!

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    The new Carve Tight will solve many of the problems the older machines had. It was probably the single best thing LHR could have done and is worth the money for the upgrade.

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    Continued good carving is the best board by board therapy I'm sure. Disclaimer, I have no Psychology training but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
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    Well, the overwhelming consensus is that the QC was a "piece of dog crap" and it will serve the company good to finally address it. I use the Rock Chuck and am very happy with it but I still get calls from frustrated uninformed users trying to understand what the problem is. It is probably for legal liability reasons that LHR never admitted their mistake, blaming "user error", but it would have been nice to give the loyal and frustrated customers who were unfortunate enough to have the QC installed on their machines a little break on the price. Now if they can just do the same with the dust collection problem life will be better for all new users.
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    I felt the same way. I balked a bit at the upgrade price, but is a big improvement. My QC disintegrated about a week after the Carvetight became available - I would have been really upset if it were the other way around.

    My latest is that my one and only memory card just failed. I had been thinking I really need two of these, as the machine is useless without one Well, now I have two on order. Interesting that Amazon carries them considerably cheaper than the Cartwright store, and 1-day shipping from Amazon was quite reasonable in my opinion. Amazon has the new non-QC carving bit cheaper also. When they offer the cutting bit, I'll be buying a spare.

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