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Thread: School Fundraising Idea

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    Lightbulb School Fundraising Idea

    Here is a post from one of our customers. It sounds like it would be a great fundraising project for school wood shops!

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    I bought mine to use as a fundraising tool for m class room years ago. It has not been reliable enough to make the quantities I want or to take orders.

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    It does seem like a great idea. When I was in school, funraising products were usually, well, lame. You couldn't really use them for anything. They were knickknacks. But a key chain is really useful. Lynn, when you say they couldn't make the quantities you want, do you mean they made too many or too few?
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    Making personalized key chain is one of the great school fundraising ideas. This is not common. Many schools, from the elementary level all the way up to high schools and colleges, have made the key chains. School fundraising plays an essential role in generating funding for educational programs, new school equipment, school sports and other extra circular programs.

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    Another fun idea is having a cookie raffle. It is different from a cookie exchange (where everyone brings a dozen cookies and exchanges them) in that you sell raffle tickets for the cookies. As people are anticipating their raffle number to be drawn there can be other activities occurring like a silent auction or other entertainment to keep things fun and lively.

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