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Thread: How much is this forum worth to you?

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    Default Trying to keep up to Date


    Hang in there, even if your not carving, -- your knowledge of the Machine and shared info is valued the same as anyone else's on the CW Forum.
    A little suggestion or thought on a pattern, project or carving may be just the bit of encouragement and info other folks are looking for.
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    This forum is priceless in my humble opinion. I belong to many types of forums and the "family" atmosphere here is second to none!

    Even though I can no longer carve and haven't for some time now, I still come here to read what all my friends (new and old) write. Brings a smile to my face to do so.
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    Sorry if I get too into the business/finance side of this but I would be interested to see what CW has set for the value of the forum within their financial statements? Clearly most if not all of the users agree that this forum makes the product so how much is it truly worth. I'm going for my Masters right now, hopefully in a the future I will have a chance to calculate such value or should I say have an assignment to do so.

    I appreciate everyone's input on all matters within the forum and it has brought me to a whole new level within woodworking and especially preforming tasks on the CW.

    Quote Originally Posted by dbfletcher View Post
    I like to look at it like I've paid $2400 for my forum membership and got a free CW. When it breaks... I just say... well.. heck is was free.. thank god I have the forum membership to help me get it working again.

    Doug Fletcher
    I got my machine for free also Doug!

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    Default This forum has been great for me in many ways

    I just wanted to say that I have not been a member of a "forum" before being one here. It has allowed me to feel a part of something that is good, gave me access to good ideas, access to help when needed, and a place to get my ego stroked on occasion.

    All in all it ranks right up there with the machine itself (as others have said).
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    This Forum is priceless! The members give freely there skills, advice, share their designs and knowledge of the system. I belong to serveral forums, but this forum is well rounded, they not only help each other with CW issues, they also share help and assistance on other issue, such as woodworking, carving, where the best tool deals are, share stories and good /bad times. This forum consist of cw family members, not just cw owners.

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    If we didn't have this forum, I would have junked mt CW long ago.

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    I found this cool little thread and decided I would make a post and STICK it to the ONLINE TOOLS section. The CarveWright Forum is definitely THE MOST valuable online tool we have.

    How much is this forum worth to me?
    Well, I think this forum is greatly responsible for me having a job...which I love! I'm not sure LHR & CarveWright would have had its success without the support, encouragement, dedication and passion of the members of this community forum. There are so many different talents and gifts that each of you have brought to this group and freely share. You are all a part of this company. You have certainly taken a load off the backs of our customer support staff, pushed us in research and development, acted as our quality control, trained our customers (new & old), inspired creativity among us and been the ultimate sales force for the CarveWright System.

    We Thank You!!
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    CarveWright Community Forum - PRICELESS!

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    How could we get along with out our forum? With all the help from each other, all the free patterns, tips on how to do everything from repairs to making carvable patterns. Then we have some that go the extra steps and make video files that explain how to do different things with the designer program and the machine, thanks AskBud and others that make the after market parts to help our machines run better. And now with the new Forum design and Jonny's web page this is gonna be the best forum on the WWW. My thanks to all my extended families here on the forum. I couldn't do with out.


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    To all my Forum Family and Friends,

    I can't say it any better than expressed above. You have all become trusted mentors, colleagues in a shared craft, trusted advisors and friends I look forward to hearing from daily. I was a lurker long before I could get my own system, but when it finally arrived I was already far along the road to using it correctly and safely. And to date you have generously helped me learn how to also use it creatively.

    I had been on the fence as to what machine would do what I wanted to carve. The Forum showed me what the CW could do far beyond what I had been imagining. You have been the helpful voices that have taught me at each new level and help me keep it humming. (Okay so it's a bit louder than that, says he wearing Mickey Mouse ears in the shop). My very sincere Thanks.
    Fair winds,

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    From the day I bought my machine and joined the forum I became a Carvaholic. And even though I've never meet the people that participate and give freely of their time and talent I feel we are one worldwide family, always there to support and offer encouragement if and when needed. On the days I'm unable to check the forum and see what eveyone is doing is like a small piece of my world is lost.

    Like all Carvaholic's... I can't get enough carving time crammed into a single day to stop the craving to create. This forum serves as that "extra shot in the arm" until I can get back out in the shop. I look forward to the day we are able to have a Convention and therefore able to meet each and everyone of you.

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