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Thread: How much is this forum worth to you?

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    I didn't even know about the forum when I bought my first CW. But I can gaurantee I wouldn't still have my first CW if I didn't find it, and now I am up to 3 machines. Too bad we can't all be neighbors and we can just walk across the street with a beer for advice exchange, but this is definitely the next best thing. The list of people that have helped me with my machine, or patterns, or projects, etc. are WAY too long to try to list, so I will just say...



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    This is BY FAR the friendliest, helpful, and dare I say caring forum, I've had the pleasure to be a part of. THANK YOU TO ALL for your help, advice, patterns and friendships. It worth more that the machine could ever cost.
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    The forum and the wesite in general are a plethora of information. Tips and Tricks, PDF's, How to's, and users support are priceless. The ideas other share are refreshing and pattern sharing is great. The forum has made my CW experience a good one. I have had lots and lots of help with my CW from others when i couldnt find the answer. I have learned alot and try to give back when possible.

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    I had purchased a machine and then I found out about the forum. Lots of valuable information here.
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    If it wasn't for the forum absorbing my frustration and angst when it's not doing what it should i would have placed a rather large fast projectile through it. Yes you are wondering and no, the projectile isn't a bit and adapter from the old QC.

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    The user forum was what helped me decide to purchase my CW. I lurked for quite a while, joined, asked a few questions and have learned more than I could put a value on from a collective group of very motivated, helpful and forward thinking folks. Just search for "looking for" and see how many hits you get of people just making 100's of damn nice looking free patterns for someone.
    Give yourselves a round of applause and thank you from a former newbie.
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    I just mentioned this in another thread recently, but the forums and and LHR record of support were a major factor in my decision to buy a CW.

    This thing is not a bullet proof old table saw, we all have or will need a little help and advise at some point, and it's great to have a place to get it.

    It's also been a good source of ideas and a place to brainstorm ideas with other members when I'm stuck and need design help too.

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    I too want to thank everyone for the information and caring the form gives. I don't write much but I read it nearly every day. Many days I'm reading it several times.
    Thanks again to everyone.

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    Default what's it worth

    C W 2000.00
    bits 400.00
    centerline 200.00
    software 500.00
    Form Priceless.

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    I sold my machine in December, and I am still hanging out here. Trying to keep up to date until I am in a position to buy another one.
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