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    Morning all

    I have a scroll saw pattern that I would like
    to carve in 1/4 aspin. My question is do I use a sled under
    the 1/4 in material? Could I use double sided tape on a
    3/4 in board of the same length and width, with the 1/4
    in aspin on top? Would the carving bit go into the lower
    Do any of you just carve a 1/4 in thick piece?
    How does the bit not do damage to the machine?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm fairly new at this.

    Thanks for any reply.

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    Min. thickness is 1/2" you will need a carrior board or a sled to do it.
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    you will need to use a sled. A piece of material at least 1/2" thick should be placed under your aspen. Double-sided tape or a couple (or three or four) dabs of hot glue should hold your piece in place. Make your carve about .256 deep. Try to place your tape of glue dabs in such a way that large pieces don't come flying out from under the bit. The software should place tabs for you. Hope this helps.

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    I cut out some gears in ľ Baltic Birch ply using a sled, worked great. Good luck with the aspen, I did a carve of the bi plane in ĺ aspen and wasnít very happy. It didnít cut very clean, left a lot of fuzzes, and kind of stringy.
    As stated the program should add tabs, I always double up on the tabs recommended, I donít want any loose pieces to jamb the bit. Make sure your sled has the 3 Ĺ inch extra on each end, and I like to allow 2 inches on the sides. I may be a little anal, but with cut outs, I always watch for any problems.
    As someone else has said in the past, the sled is resued many times and it harms nothing if it gets a cut or two in it. I have one that you can see through because of a few mistakes, still useable.
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