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    NauticalTraders Guest

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    I have been reading through your FAQ's. You said the advanced software package would be released in 2007. Thats great! I bought the entire CarveWright system when I saw it. Will there be any release for those of us who already have the machine or will we have to purchase it as well??


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    it appears that they intend to make it avail to everyone but at this point there has been no set price (the last time I checked anyway).

    it also appears that they will break apart some pieces like centerline font for a portion of the price.

    stay tuned
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    Default MPC File?

    I see pics with a .mpc. What program loads those?


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    .mpc file are loaded by the compuCarve designer software. From what I understand current owners will have to buy the new software for a fairly steep price.

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    Question Wood

    Can any one tell me where to get 1/2" thick wood by 12" w or more .Thank Ray: confused:

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    Smile Welcome aboard new carver!

    It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish and what tools and skills you have. You can buy MDF or plywood in 4x8 foot sheets and if you dont have capabilities to rip it you can have your Lowes or Home depot cut it in sizes you want when you purchase it. I have seen white pine project boards that are laminated strips, again ready to purchase at Lowes or HD... If you are looking for hardwoods, you can get milled material from some lumber mills. If you have the tools and ability, you can use a jointer planer, and glue thin strips together to laminate them, then thickness plane them to your 1/2 thickness...

    Hope that helps...

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    dwight Guest


    How do you convert .ptn files to .mpc ?

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    Hi dwight,

    First off Welcome to the Forum.
    Converting .ptn files to .mpc ---Open Designer and press the shell shaped icon that will open your .ptn library folders,
    Right click to menu and select import, pick the folder or place you have the .ptn you want to convert and click on it.
    The file will be added to your library files. clicking on the file and move it to you project board,
    now you can work on it or save it as a .mpc file

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  10. Default Looking to Purchase

    I am interested in finding out if the CarveWright will reproduce Antique Furniture molding and small molding from old homes. They are always missing pieces from furniture. Is there anyone out there that has done this yet? Is it possible to place a 5" wide piece of walnut in and get 5 pieces of separate trim molding out?

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