I'm in the same boat. Any help would be appreciated. I cannot post or trade/post patterns on the pattern sharing areas. It really limits the overall usefulness of even being a part of this site if I can effectively do nothing on here. I don't even have the permissions to post my own question, I had to use the reply function to get this up. Any help getting this sorted out would be appreciated.

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I created this account to post questions have my questions answered and look at user's attached pictures so I can see the capabilities of the machine.

I have created this account and email verified it but the system won't let me do what I need to do.

I cannot post new threads I can only post replies like this. I cannot post or view attachments.
I thought there was some setting I needed to check off in my profile settings but I don't have access to that either.

Please help me out how do I get forum permissions to allow me to use this forum and community?