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    We felt that several important issues have been...

    We felt that several important issues have been raised in this thread. Please read
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    Sticky: Bits and Machine Usage

    A problem was reported in the thread, <>, where a board caught was reported to have caught fire. We have discovered that this problem was caused...
  3. Sticky: Important Note on Maximum Cutting Depth for your Bits

    We would like to clear up some confusion on the maximum depths allowed for certain bits (specifically the carving and cutting bits). The maximum cut depth as stated in the Operator's manual is 1"...
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    Care and Maintenance of Bit Adapters

    Please check to make sure that each bit adapter is free from damage or surface defect on the tapered mating surface each use before inserting them into the quick change. These defects include rust,...
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    Sticky: With Regards to Sandpaper Belt Roll-up

    LHR has found that sandpaper belt roll-up occurs when the head loading drops below 60 lbs as determined by our scale test. The optimum pressure is 80 lbs. The head load, as dictated by the clutch,...
  6. New FFC and Connector Boards Are Not Upgrades

    We want to clarify the technical reasons for installing the new flat flexible cable (FFC) and connector boards as discussed in several forum posts. Due to firmware changes that make the homing sensor...
  7. Are there any special demo's for a large group?

    We are available for demonstrations depending on location and group size. Please contact us for specific requests.
  8. Is CarveWright seeking independent dealers or distributors?

    We are not currently seeking independent representatives to distribute the product.
  9. What are the specifications of the CarveWright machine?

    Package Size: 28.5” x 20.25” x 18”
    Package Weight: 78 lbs (35.4 kg)
    Machine Weight: 70 lbs (31.8 kg)
    Cut Motor Speed (No Load): 20,000 rpm
    Cut Motor Horsepower (Peak): 1.0 Hp
  10. What materials can the CarveWright carve?

    The CarveWright can work in most soft materials including all woods (including exotic hardwoods), plastic, and foam. Suitable plastics are polycarbonate or cast acrylic. For reference, the picture...
  11. What wood types produce the best carving results?

    We have found that hard materials with tight grains produce the best finishes. In most cases, feathering and chip out will increase as the grain size increases. Also dry materials tend to produce a...
  12. What are the maximum workpiece dimensions?

    The machine can handle a workpiece up to 14.5” wide x 5.0” tall and 12’ long. The maximum length in most cases is dependent on the weight of the workpiece and is related to both quality of the...
  13. What are the minimum workpiece dimensions?

    The minimum acceptable size of a workpiece that can be inserted into the CarveWright is 1.5” wide x 0.5” thick x 7.0” long. It will be necessary to mount the workpiece onto a jig if any single...
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    What is the maximum depth of cut?

    The maximum depth of cut is 1.0”.
  15. What is the output quality of the cutting passes?

    Like a printer, projects can be configured to run in a draft mode (low quality), normal quality, or best quality depending on the situation. The quality mode dictates the speed of the cut and amount...
  16. How long does a typical project take to carve?

    The carving time of each project is determined by four main variables: the size of the project, the quality setting selected, the depth of cut, and the cutting mode. Like a printer, the user can...
  17. Can the machine be used in an industrial or commercial setti

    The CarveWright is designed as a light duty machine intended primarily for the hobby market and is priced accordingly. It is not suggested for continuous commercial or industrial use. There are...
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    Can I use my own bits?

    The machine has a standard library of approved bits that it can draw from. We strongly recommend that CarveWright brand bits be used for best quality results because of the significant dimensional...
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    How long will the carving bits last?

    The 1/16” carving bit is solid carbide and will last for many hours if treated correctly. Cutting in materials with glue (such as plywood or particle board) will tend to wear the bit faster. The...
  20. Can you use more than one bit during a project?

    The software will allow the user to create projects that use as many of the CarveWright approved bits as desired. On projects that use more than one bit, the machine will prompt the user for each...
  21. Does the software automatically select the bits for the user

    It depends on what functions are being commanded. Some functions require certain bits while other functions can use any one of many user selectable bits.
  22. Can the machine carve object in the round?

    The CarveWright does not currently have the capability to fully carve in the round. We have designed connections into the machine for a 4th axis accessory that will allow full 3-D carving.
  23. Can I carve on both sides of the material?

    The CarveWright software enables you to place designs on both sides of the workpiece. Many times the design will require a special jig in order to carve on both sides because of the way the machine...
  24. Can I seam two pieces together to create a larger piece?

    The software does not yet support automatically seaming two pieces together. However, the machine has the precision to output multiple pieces that will line up well when seamed together if the...
  25. How does the machine perform cutouts w/o losing the piece

    The software automatically adds small tabs that bridge to any pieces that are cut out using the “Cut Out” function. These tabs keep the pieces from dropping out and binding the system or cutting...
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