CNC Art Guild of America

The purpose of this Guild is described in the name: "CNC ART GUILD OF AMERICA". Guild Members are people across America that use the CarveWright and CompuCarve Woodworking system to produce art. A guild is a union of women and men in the same craft or trade upholding standards and protecting their members. The earliest guilds were formed as confraternities of workers.

In pre-industrial cities, craftsmen tended to form associations based on their trades, confraternities of textile workers, masons, carpenters, carvers, glassworkers, each of whom controlled secrets of traditionally imparted technology, the "arts" or "mysteries" of their crafts. Usually the founders were free independent master craftsmen.

Mission Statement:
To further the craft of CNC Art for the benefit of our members
and to Strive everyday to be better than yesterday.

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