What tools Do you currently Use in your Shop?

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  1. cestout
    I have not looked int combination thickness and joiner planes. Personally I don't like combination tools like that because there is compromise (not really a dirty word, just not desirable in this case). To go with your CarveWright, and for not to large woodworking and cabinet work I like Ridged and Craftsman tools. They are priced competitively and good quality. A bench top joiner will not last. Get a 6" floor model. For the thickness planer it must be 4 post and 3 blades, 12" minimum, but try for a 13". Use your dust collector on both. They really crank out the chips - not flour like the CarveWright.
  2. Mugsowner
    I have on hand a couple carvewrights, two router duplicators, surface planer, drill press, lathe, 16" band saw. scroll saw, 10" table saw 60" wide looking to add an out-feed table, 12' sliding compound miter, two 10" compound miter,6" joiner planer, Two table routers, a handful of routers thinking about 20 now, 6" belt sander with 9" disc, 1" sanding belt, osculating spindle sander, with a large handful of smaller power tools being added to on a regular basis. I have bad tool buying habits my wife is not real fond of.
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