Unauthorized demonstration

  1. cestout
    A friend in a local Scroll Saw club told me that someone in her group was going to demonstrate the CarveWright at their May meeting. As far as I know, I am the only StartU member - ie. vetted by CarveWright - in southern, make that all of California. I gave here a bunch of my cards to hand out because I can order the system for the members and give a proper one on one demonstration. My concern is, will he give a full and correct demonstration including the software, and also, I might lose sales opportunities. Any comments or suggestions.
  2. lynnfrwd
    I don't know who it would be. Unless they are a START U member or dealer, they will not get commissions.
  3. cestout
    His name is Jason Craig and I have his picture in the group's newsletter. If people buy a machine it is potentially good for me because that is one more person to buy patterns and projects, but I read frequently in the forum about frustrated people who have trouble getting started. That, I think, is the main advantage of the StartU program.
  4. cestout
    Well he was a no-show anyway. I am told that they decided he shouldn't be allowed anyway, because they are "Scrollers" and he isn't.
  5. lynnfrwd
    I don't find a Jason Craig and there is no one with the last name Craig in California that I can find. STRANGE!
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