Point of Sales

  1. lynnfrwd
    Evidently, you guys cannot log into the Point of Sales until IT gets it fixed.

    Please contact us to place your orders. Or have the customer place the order and write you name for commission in notes.

  2. Capt Bruce
    Capt Bruce
    Thanks Connie,

    Glad to know it isn't just me. That is unless I'm the only one who brought this up and it is just my problem. Rehardless thanks and we'll call you with details of new order. Have a great day All.
  3. Capt Bruce
    Capt Bruce
    A follow up question if I may please Connie.
    In your 2 messages of 11/15/12 on "STARTU Affiliate program" you pointed us to the website with Banners that can be placed in e-mails or websites to link a Customer's order to each of us.

    I've tried inserting them and distributing to those who wish to order but each time I click there, or they do this is what comes up on screen in the XCART page.
    Access denied !

    Recorded error 47

    Error ID: 47

    I'm using the HTTP format provided to me on the Banners page after signing in with my name and password. Is it just me or are other START U Members getting this feedback. It's all making me useless to my potential customers as I cannot place orders for them and they are unable to order and have it associated to me as their Representative. Help please
  4. lynnfrwd
    Point of Sales has been turned back on for you guys today, so you can place orders. You may also see an email that changes have been made to your account. (That was Joe.)
  5. cestout
    How about the "Register" link so prospective customers can register on our web sites as our customers? Joe said that it was not working yet. Is it now. I the next few days I plan to publish my web site and I would like to include that. I already have the link to the store and to fnd a StartU member.
  6. fwharris
    Thanks Connie (and Joe) was able to take a quick look at the store. Anything we should be aware of with the new access?
  7. lynnfrwd
    I'm going to have to get Joe to answer these questions. I haven't been doing anything with this part of it.
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