Beginning 4/1/2012 - 10% Commission on Project of the Month & Conference Registration

  1. lynnfrwd
    START U members can now add Project of the Month & Conference Registration to their Commission Reports. It is a 10% commission.

  2. fwharris
    Wow found this!!! Guess I/we need to check this more often... Thanks....
  3. fwharris
    Suggestion! Could we get these noticies out to our email, please? Don't think to many others are aware of this.. thanks
  4. Capt Bruce
    Capt Bruce
    Good call Connie and Floyd,

    I have not been checking in often enough so the e-mail notice will be appreciate, as will the additional commission sales items.
  5. fwharris
    Working out the details to include the DC-INSERT as a commissionable item. I will post here and have them issue a note out to all went it is all set up..
  6. fwharris
    Update on the commission for my DC-INSERT, it has been approved and notification should be coming out this week along with an updated sales list. We have already paid for a couple of sales.
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