The Woodworking Shows

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  1. myshop1044
    Dallas Show, TX Oct 21-23 Jerry Barrera? pending, Joe, I would like to contact Jerry, but I don't know his user name.
    I could be able to help at the Dallas show, since my son live there. If you are in contact with him ask him to PM me.
    Thankls Perry
  2. jlovchik
    Perry, I'm not sure he even knows that I put him on the list yet. haha. Jerry is chebytrk on the forum. You can ask him what he wants to do. That would be great as I need to get this finalized very soon.

  3. jlovchik
    Ok, Here is the schedule for the Woodworking Shows. I will be sending each of you that confirmed a show a detailed email about how everything will work. Thanks for everyone's help in getting this together. Here's hoping for a very successful season. We haven't done these shows for 2 years now since before the Version C, so the crowd should be fresh and excited. Baltimore and Fredericksburg are both marked pending. We would like to go to one or the other as they are near each other, but are usually really well attended shows. If anyone might be able to do either of those let us know. Thanks!
    Dallas, TX Oct 21-23 looking for someone to attend
    Southern CA Oct 28-30 Clint Stoutenberg confirmed
    Sacramento, CA Nov 4-6 Not going
    Portland, OR Nov 11-13 Not going
    Denver, CO Nov 18-20 Floyd Harris confirmed
    Chicago, IL Nov 25-27 Not going
    Baltimore, MD Jan 6-8 looking for someone to attend
    New England, MA Jan 13-15 Joe Szegda confirmed
    Indianapolis, IN Jan 20-22 Jason Allen confirmed
    Kansas City, KS Jan 27-29 Gary Rodewald confirmed
    Columbus, OH Feb 3-5 Jason Allen confirmed
    St.Louis, MO Feb 10-12 Jason Allen confirmed
    Milwaukee, WI Feb 17-19 Roger Tierman confirmed
    Somerset, NJ Feb 24-26 Joe Szegda confirmed
    Fredericksburg,VA Mar 2-4 looking for someone to attend
    Atlanta, GA Mar 9-11 Jason Allen, Bruce Kinney, maybe Michael Tyler confirmed
    Tampa, FL Mar 16-18 Not going
    Charlotte, NC TBD Not going
    Houston, TX TBD Robert Dages confirmed others pending
  4. fwharris
    A thought just occured to me about the shows. Do we need a business license to do these and will we need to collect/charge any sales tax?
  5. fwharris
    Well I think I am all set up now for connecting to the sales site. Jerry and I made a trade, new DC-INSERT for Jerry and new smart phone for Floyd. Found out that with the phone you have to enter a access code along with your login info. Tricky though using that small screen!
  6. fwharris
    One more day for getting ready for the show in Denver. Majority of my carved samples are boxed (2) up with one more carve to be done tomorrow. Doing a carve on the round to be displayed with Ed's jig. Not decided on what though.

    Time just went for flying to zooming!
  7. fwharris
    Denver Woaodworking show went very well this weekend. Sold two machines and have two with more follow up sessions to complete the sale. Busy all 3 days from the time the doors opened till the doors closed. Met a lot of users who came in to ask questions, see the demo and want more training. A lot also showed great interest in setting up user groups.

    A few tips for up coming shows:

    Internet access, the venue that the Denver show was at did have it's own in house access. My cost for the 3 days was $26.00. A lot nicer doing things with the computer vs. using the smart phone to place orders. Plus was able to show people different web sites and how to navigate the CW site. I am guessing that this might also be the case for other venues as well. Worth speaking with the people at the place you are scheduled to be at. I did look at their site but could not find any info about access.

    Project board size on pre loaded projects on the cards that are included with the machine are set up for 12x5 1/2 boards. My stock that I took with me was 5 3/8" so first carve I did I let the machine scale it down. I had my oak side rails with me so used them for the rest of the demo carves.

    Booth size is 10x10 with two tables. One table is taken up with the CW and hand outs. With the carved samples that are included with the show pallet, mine and those of my helper we and enough for two tables. I ended up using the boxes from the machine and show materials as additional display space and still ran out of room. If you have a spare table it might be well worth bringing it with you. I also brought along a card table and used it for my lap top. I will get some photos up loaded to post later.
  8. fwharris
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