CW Demonstration in Atlanta

  1. Capt Bruce
    Capt Bruce
    From the newsletter of the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association (on-line)

    "This week at Gwinnett Woodworkers:

    Saturday, February 9 , 2013 , 8:00am till 10:00am
    CarveWright CNC demonstration with Bruce Kinney
    Location :
    Peachtree Woodworking Supply - Norcross, GA
    Contact :
    Rob Austin

    Bruce Kinney will demonstrate a CarveWright CNC machine. Computer Numerical Control has become a must have technology in the metal working world to achieve complex shapes of metal objects. Fairly recently, CNC technology has taken root in the woodworking shop. The cost of entry is getting to the point that small CNC machines are beginning to appear in the "one man shops" prevalent in the woodworking field. Bruce will demonstrate how he uses a CarveWright brand machine and related 3D design software to render a concept into an heirloom."

  2. myshop1044
    Way to go Bruce, I'm really looking forward to going to the show and working with you.

    Perry B.
  3. Capt Bruce
    Capt Bruce
    Glad to report the Demo went very well Saturday with about 30 attendees. Lots of questions, opened eyes as to the capabilities of the software and the CW, and lots of follow-up requests. We'll see what sales may result and perhaps training opportunities following those. It was also just fun to share it with my colleagues in the Association.

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