Selling Patterns on your own website

  1. buffybuttons
    Has anyone had any success selling patterns outside of the pattern depot? Is there a way to safely email patterns to customers without them being pirated? We have been struggling to keep afloat and need to increase sales or find a more profitable use of our time.
  2. cestout
    I have done better with projects than with patterns. It pays for bits and the patterns and projects that I do buy. I keep a spread sheet account, and so far, after three years, I am way in the black in the patterns and projects area, and have recouped about 25% of my capital outlay. But it is not a living, at least in this economic climate.
  3. fwharris

    I have patterns list on my site and not sold one.. I do better with them listed on the depot. Also think it has helped with Bud's thread on new patterns listed..
  4. fwharris
    Just read a post about a pattern being posted that was not a free pattern and the topic came up about being able to protect your patterns like LHR has the licensing system for any pattern sold through them.

    Maybe we could get some info from the software people on what type of a system they use and what it would take for those who sell patterns from their sites to apply it. ????
  5. buffybuttons
    i would even be willing to buy an upgrade to pattern editor that would allow us to protect our patterns if LHR ever makes it.
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