Sale ... hello ... what is everyone doing.

  1. LittleRedWoodshop
    I had another lead turn into a sale today.

    What does everyone else have going on and can I help.
  2. skeeterman
    I have had a couple of replies from carvewright start u , the last three were from some new owners of machines wanting help on all of the stuff you get from the tips and tricks, they just dont or wont read them and are wanting me to baby sit them thru, i tell them about schedualing a class with me and we can go over things in more detail, but they want free info and want me to come look at there machine and tell them what they are doing wrong. I have spent several hrs on phone with them . and dont get me wrong i love talking about the machine and what it dose and what it can do but heck when do you say thats enough . maybe im just venting
  3. LittleRedWoodshop
    Ummmm ... you are not venting ... I don't think that CarveWright intended for us to "babysit" customers. You are warranted in your "vent".

    First ... always be polite but explain to people that you are busy building your own business - that there are fees associated with your expertise. That you would be happy to take some time out of your busy schedule to meet with them and it would be _____ amount.

    If they are not interested in a class or purchasing a machine I refer them to the forum, my own website (they can email me questions of they would like), and the CarveWright site for information ... I then refer them to CW customer support if they have any further issues. We all have our own lives and businesses or jobs to focus on as well ... don't feel bad about not wanting to "babysit" and never second guess yourself, we all know that you are very well intentioned.
  4. skeeterman
    well we were all new at one time and i still consider myself new at it , and i do not mind helping but once i get on the phone with them it ususaly last between 1 and 2 hrs and no longer than when you get off the phone i have recieved calls back asking ( now what did you say about this)
    But on the bright side I have sold one machine since i started on the START-U team. got the check the other day, awsome!!!!
    not sure about the online sales , not even sure how to log on . will try soon
  5. LittleRedWoodshop
    I just closed my second sale for the day .... using the online system.
  6. fwharris
    2 sales in one day? Way to go!

    I've also had several "I'm interested in the machine / I want some help" referrals, sent out emails introducing self with info on how to contact me and info on machine. No replies. Will try a resend on the emails, give it a couple of days and then maybe try a phone call.
  7. LittleRedWoodshop
    I start with a phone call and if I don't get an answer I follow with an email.
  8. myshop1044
    Good morning, Myshop here. I just completed my first 4 hr training session for a lady who has not done much on her machine in a year, so it was a refresher
    course, I went over the basic drawing tools, region creations, feathers and the draft on the letters. I urged her to get on the fourm for just for reading and to ask questions. I also encourage her to print the software manual to use a reference when she has a question while carving or creating a project.
    We went over maintence of the machine, she was not sure what to clean and how. I pushed the Dust Collector system for her machine and her husband has a cabinet shop so he understood.
    we over one of her bread board projects and she saw the difference in the draft and feather teachings for the regions. She will get conforming vectors also. she has centerline text , but was not sure how to use it.
    I even gave her a piece of 3/4 foam to pratice on and she was all excited about that. she said was going to get some of that stuff(her words).
    She was only 50 miles away and she did not mind paying the mileage and time cost for her training. I told if she had question to e-mail me her MPC and we could work on it together, she was so happy about that.
    I have had 5 or 6 contacts thru start U program, but most were anywhere from 150 to180 miles away (one way) and when I mention the travel cost and training cost it seems to kill it for them.
    Some thought I worked for LHR and the training was free.
    Refresher courses is a good thing for some but the cost seems to get in the way. I try to stay in contact with them thru E-mails from time to time.
  9. LittleRedWoodshop
    Congrats Perry ... do you mind sharing what your prices is for the training and the mileage.
  10. myshop1044
    I charge $100.00 for 4 + hrs and .50 /mile round trip. is that too much?
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