The Woodworking Shows

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  1. lynnfrwd
    Hope you all received the email about representing CarveWright at The Woodworking Shows. Let me know if you want to do one that might be in your area.
  2. fwharris
    Got the note! Joe also mentioned this during our phone call today.

    I am sure there will be lots of questions from those who want to take part. Will there be more info on expectations, responsibilities and the like? What/should/can we take to the show?

    Denver sounds good to me!
  3. lynnfrwd
    Let's ask the question here so everyone can see the answers. And I only have to answer them once!!
  4. lynnfrwd
    Clint has volunteered to do the poloma ca show.
  5. LittleRedWoodshop
    I don't think I got the email ... been looking for it.
  6. LittleRedWoodshop
    I found it ....
  7. LittleRedWoodshop
    After sitting and doing the math on distance from my current address I would like to do the following shows for sure.

    St. Louis (Collinsville)

    I would also consider the following cities if someone is interested in Co-oping

    Kansas City

    By Co-oping I mean that I would love to do the show but I am not sure that I can get all of the materials there ... machines, tables, shelves, display materials, computer, etc ... I am working on getting my van ready to do these trips and may have no problem. The other advantage to a Co-op is the ability to share a hotel stay (if necessary) and being able to attend to more customers.

    I just may need some help with the volume of people that are attending the show.

    If you are interested in a Co-op we would split all commissions straight down the middle.

    It is great that CarveWright is going to have a presence at those shows ... the last time we were at one was with the old machine (QC) and the old price point. I think this a great opportunity, New Chuck, New price points, new sales force, NEW NEW NEW, lots of New. I am sooooooooooooo excited.
  8. mtylerfl
    Hi Connie,

    You may already be aware...the list of dates in the email has a lot of "already-past" 2011 dates (and even one 2010). Just checking to be sure you posted the most current listing you have available.
  9. fwharris
    Ok starting off on the questions.

    1. In your note you mentioned internet service in not available. Do you know what carriers/providers are in certain locations? Or is this something we should ask of the venue? Looking at possibly getting a pay per use broad band card/plan.

    2. Are tables and chairs provided as part of the booth rental?

    3. How many electrical hook ups are provided?

    4. Can we set up our dust collectors?

    5. Is there compensation for doing the events?

    6. How many vendor passes do we recieve?
  10. LittleRedWoodshop
    The list that I got starts in October of 2011.
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