Getting Paid for your Sales

  1. lynnfrwd
    Please remember to fill out a Sales Commission Report, so that you can get paid on your sales. They are in the MEMBER LOGIN area (or should be). Let me know, if it is not or if you need one.

    Also, if you do not know exactly what the customer ordered (they did it online), please let me know and I can send you that information.

    We are working on getting you guys Point of Sale access and you should be able to access this information yourselves.

    Sure wish GROUPS let you do attachments!!!
  2. fwharris

    Thanks for the post!! I sent my report in today!!

    And no the sales report is not in the members login area, nor are any of the forms for the sales reps..
  3. chebytrk
    Hey Connie,
    Can you please send me a Sales Commission Report and perhaps maybe show (or explain) the steps in processing a sale that we've made to request payment from LHR? Thanks, JerryB Also, I don't quite understand where to go for getting the Sales Comission Report at the member login area that you mentioned.
  4. fwharris

    Last look (4 days ago) the reports were not on the start-u site. They were sent out with all of the info (sales contract, price lists etc.) when you signed up for the sales rep. program. The form is titled "exhibit C sales report" and is an excell sheet.
  5. chebytrk
    Thanks for the info. I found one in my packet, but it's in PDF format and I can't edit it. I also noticed on the pdf form report that there are items that my client ordered which are not on that "sample" pdf form. Example: He ordered a "CW package" with all the extra software and quite a few other items. If you have an excel copy of the same form would you send me a copy please? My email is I'm wondering if I can just send a copy of the completed customer sales order form showing everything that my client ordered and was processed by LHR. Thanks for your help Floyd.
  6. fwharris
    Just sent you an email... The PDF is just the price list it bet. If he got the "package" deal then those items were included in the sale price. I listed those but put a zero in for price.
  7. fwharris

    Did you get the files??
  8. chebytrk
    Yes sir. Got the files & turned in my paperwork. Hoping to hear something soon from LHR.
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