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  1. dog
    Just want to introduce myself, I am Eric Cutter Scott aka Dog (Enforcer for The Suncoast Black Sheep Chapter of the Leathernecks MC (LMCI)).

    Please remember that the Marine Corps has copyrighted our beloved EGA (Eagle Globe and Anchor for non Marines). The only people who can use it are Marines with an Honorable Discharge and we can only use it for personal use.

    My ex-wife burned everything I own and said my tools PC and carvewright where stolen from Clearwater, FL, so I have lost all my patterns, I'll be making some cool stuff and uploading probably more then cutting. As I am not really sure how to use my machine anymore, I bought a used one that has allot of bits I've never seen before and they all have the product number on them. I have no idea how to use anything other then the bit's that just plug in. If anyone has any videos or tutorials on how to use said bit's I'd love to see them. I will upload a picture of my bit's in a separate message.

    Also I am looking for a pattern file for a Master/Senior Lance Corporal (some of you know what that is LOL) but yes I was busted down to private 3 times for stupid fun and games. I actually got out as as an E3 Lance Corporal 0311 (and every 031x up).

    I'm also looking for anything with a purple heart that has a circle inlaid for a Purple Heart challenge coin that I want to make up for my friend 1st Sargent William Bodette JR (aka Bo, google him up, he's almost a modern day Chesty Puller and all around humble and great guy, if you do know him ask him about his friend that played the Pickalo with him in the Coast Guard Marching band, another thing I wanna make for him as we really mess with people heads when we both tell them that's what we did in the service).
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