Downloadable Rotary Jid Demo

  1. cestout
    We StartU members need a quick and downloadable video for shows where internet is not available and other demos. It need to show the stuff being created, but not the technical how-to's. First show the basic, then the 3D Modeling, then the STL. The videos Joe did on her on the web site are great for us long-time users, but will loose the people passing at a show, and will take too much time and maybe confuse a potential home customer. And turn the detentions off in the extrude window for clarity.
  2. fwharris

    Great idea. Maybe Joe can get us one made up that we can down load. You might also want to email Connie and Joe about your idea.
  3. Capt Bruce
    Capt Bruce
    Plus one Vote for the videos Gents. I would love to have had those in the booth at the Atlanta Wood Working Show
  4. lynnfrwd
    I have a PowerPoint presentation that I put together a couple of years ago. It was last updated November of 2013. The price sheets can be changed depending upon what is currently available. I can't post here, but I can send via email. I have already sent it to cestout, fwharris & Capt. Bruce.

  5. lynnfrwd
    Well, that's no good. I'm getting Mail Delivery Failure messages, because the file is just too big with all of the photos.
  6. cestout
    I think a video would work better than power point because it can run unattended. Do you need MSOffice to run a power point? I have 2003 and can't afford a newer version and some don't have any. And the constant movement will keep viewers.
  7. fwharris
    How about including a dvd in the show pallet? I would guess all have media player on their computers that would run it. Maybe with several different videos on the different features. .
  8. Capt Bruce
    Capt Bruce
    For my continuous slide show of carvings and the CW in action that I use from my PC at each Show or Demo I simply cataloged all the pictures I have in the free photo manager PICASSA from Google. This way I can create folders of photos and update them in one place to keep them current.

    It allows you to run a full screen slide show with the time between slides you set in advance and will loop the show for you automatically and even play background music.

    You can even insert little video clips (taken with your iPhone) to keep it interesting. Total cost = FREE (Boy do I like that type of program investment).

    You do have to go into Power Management in the Control Panel and set the screen saver to off while you have your PC running on its power cord.

    This in turn allows me to Alt + Tab over to DESIGNER or other programs and then just as quickly go right back into the slide show. Just for what it's worth Folks.
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