North Georgia CarvWright meeting

  1. Capt Bruce
    Capt Bruce
    Hello CW Users and Wannabees,

    I'd like to re-activate the North Georgia CarveWright Users Group beginning in September as I'm finally retiring from FEMA and will have some free time to dedicate to the group for planning and organization. I'd appreciate hearing from everyone interested in getting together at my home shop to exchange ideas and techniques. I'll host with some sandwiches and cold beverages. You can reach me at or via a message here on the Forum. Thanks and looking forward to getting together.
  2. lynnfrwd
    Capt Bruce:

    Only User Group coordinators are seeing your message. Post it on the forum under UsersGroups.
  3. lynnfrwd
    Also, let us know when you schedule your first event and we can stick it on the new calendar.
  4. Capt Bruce
    Capt Bruce
    Can Do Connie! We'll keep you up to date as we move ahead.
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