• CarveWright Annual Conference

    Since 2001, CarveWright has held an Annual Conference. It is usually mid-June and held south of our facility near Houston in the Webster/Clear Lake area.

    The 3-day CarveWright Conference features classes and presentations from CarveWright PROs selected for their innovative and expert use of the CarveWright System. You will learn how to better use your system, and explore new ideas of what your CarveWright can do.

    This conference is for every CarveWright owner, regardless of skill or experience. Whether you are a Beginner or Advanced user, you will learn techniques you can immediately put into practice in your CarveWright hobby or business projects.

    For current information, visit http://www.carvewright.com/carvewright-conference/.

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    1. Ducky63's Avatar
      Ducky63 -
      Thank you for coming up North for your Boot Camp!!!! I was thinking of coming but right now I don't know what is going on in October because I've been having problems with two of my fingers and thumb on my left hand and have been having two carpal tunnel surgeries on my hand. They haven't help and might have to have more in September, so i might be laid up again. So will have to wait to see what is going to happen next month.
    1. Mike1's Avatar
      Mike1 -
      I am probably doing something wrong here but this link does not bring me to the conference info.
    1. lynnfrwd's Avatar
    1. Mike1's Avatar
      Mike1 -
      That worked. Thank you.