• CW 2014 Conference - REVOLUTION: Rise of the Machines

    CarveWright 2014 Conference

    REVOLUTION: Rise of the Machines

    June 26-28, 2014 - CarveWright hosted our 4th Annual Conference at South Shore Harbor Resort & Conference Center on the southern shore of Clear Lake half-way between Houston and Galveston Texas.

    Approximately 85 people attended the event including special Guest Speakers who spoke on various topics of interest to CarveWright owners and prospective buyers. Classes from beginner level to advanced level were held and topics of interest to all included, creative finishing techniques, selling your wares at craft shows and we were introduced to some very "outside of the box" uses for the machine and accessories.
    Special thanks to our Guest Speakers, Janet Pelc (Lollie) & Libby Golden (GiGi) of Lollie & GiGi's Custom Painted Furniture & Home Decor, Shawn Thorsson of Thorsson & Associates, Floyd Harris of RingNeckBlues and Michael Tyler of CarveBuddy.

    Lollie & GiGi both entertained and taught us how easy their Amy Howard OneStep products are to use to turn something great into something fantastic. Here are some samples of what they did for our conference.

    Shawn Thorsson replicates costumes & props and refers to himself as a "toymaker for kids that never want to grow up". He uses his CW which he calls "Lopez" to create molds for making his "toys". Shawn was recently featured in Make Magazine.

    Floyd Harris shared with us tips on how to use the add-on software, Pattern Editor. Floyd is a START-U member, UsersGroup Coordinator, Pattern & Project Vendor, Third Party Vendor with his RingNeckBlues DC Insert, moderator on our Community Forum, 4th year attendee, and friend. However, Floyd is NOT a member of ZZ-Top.

    Michael Tyler is a 4th year guest speaker at our CW Conferences and each year we look forward to learning something new. This year his creative mind put together a lithophane of the Mona Lisa carved on rotary jig into PVC pipe. He, also, taught us inexpensive tricks to finishing techniques.

    Classes were, also, taught by LHR Staff Connie Ratisseau, David Jochim, Joe Lovchik & Chris Rawls with Maintenance & Repair tips. Projects for the event included a Home of the Brave project created exclusively on the basic Designer Software, six projects created in the new Designer 3.0, and our BIG project A CHESS TABLE incorporated the new Vector Carving of the Designer 3.0, and add-on features including the Rotary software, both Importers, & both Advanced Suites.

    The educational value of the workshops are undeniable. They leave you feeling like your head might explode, not just from taking in so much information, but, also, by the inspiration that gets ideas flowing in your head. From early morning to late evening, the whole 3+ days' experience offers more than just a lesson in CarveWright. The conference, also, offers the opportunity to meet other users, forge new friendships and build bonds, yes, even with the LHR staff.

    This years event welcomed attendees from 21 states all over the US, as far as Hawaii to the west, Oregon to the northwest, New York to the northeast and Florida to the east. We had one customer that is as close as a few blocks up the street from our offices in Pasadena and about 15 in the surrounding area. We had customers that bought their first machines from Sears in late 2006 and customers that actually bought their first machines at the conference.

    We couldn't do this each year without our sponsors. A special thanks to all of you:

    Lollie & GiGi
    Dages Carvings


    Clint's Custom Carving
    Creations in Wood of Montana
    Watson's Wooden Words

    We, certainly, hope you can find the opportunity to join us next year, as we celebrate our 5th Annual CarveWright Conference.