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04-08-2008, 12:07 AM
Not sure if this is allowed or not, but if it isn't someone will surely say something. I been using this guy for some time now buying corian from him. He makes 3-4 counter tops a week for Sears and Lowe's so he has a lot of scrap. I will post some of the particulars and he can fill you in on the rest.

1. Its all 1/2" material only....maybe some 3/4"

2. The sizes are approx. 11" x 13"....fit in a flat rate box. some might measure a little smaller if you ask for a certain color he's limited too. BTW, he does have some slighter larger sheets available sometimes but extra cost and shipping. Work that out with him if you need some.

3. Colors: Very Limited solid whites, bones, Ivory etc. Lots of pale colors with flecks in them that do work for Lithos. Lots of darker colors like rusts, blues, greens and tons of grey shades. I been using lots of the darker non-litho stuff for little boxes and gluing them together with super glue. Works Fantastic.

4. PRICE....Limited tine only I am sure as he has a bunch of it right now.

$25.00 a Box-SHIPPED..... 7 pieces of approx 11x13. Less then $3.00 a square foot. Not sure about insurance, ask him.

His name is Lesley and his email is:


Hope anyone needing corian can benefit from this post.

04-26-2008, 02:02 AM
Just talked to Lesley and he still has a bunch of 1/2" corian for sale at $25 a box including shipping. Concidering shipping is almost $10 a box that a great price for corian and he has a ton of colors.