View Full Version : Bootcamp in MN October 2019 Whos' attending?

09-22-2019, 09:44 AM
Good Morning all! So I was able to get vacation time approved for the October Bootcamp in Minn. I booked my seat last night.

How many are planning on going?

I am excited as even though I have had my machine since 2017 I am still working on the putting time on my calendar (setting an appointment for myself) dedicated to learning and running it (life keeps popping up). I have only run a couple of test items so far and doing a lot of reading. Been dreaming about a lot of things I could do. Looking forward to it.

09-23-2019, 04:47 PM
We have 21 people signed up for the boot camp!
People are coming from Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, and Washington!

09-23-2019, 09:58 PM
Thank you!