View Full Version : CW Carving to make money.

05-05-2019, 04:31 PM
So I was on a Laser Engraving FB Page participating in a thread on how to make Motel Key Tags of the past for a Laser User having a new request. I chimed in about how I make my Fire Tags. This lead to Private Message Request from a Laser Guy in Portugal. I shared my Tag info and he shared that he has a 100 Watt laser and the same Sublimation Printing stuff I have. He shared what are his biggest projects. Making stuff for RACES.... He cuts Sublimation Coated Particle Board or Hardboard with his 100 watt laser then Prints it with Sublimation. Pretty Slick....

SO I wanted to post this as a IDEA Generator for using the CW to cut similar blanks that could be printed. I or YOU could cut the substrate with the CW... The TRICK I use as per LHR's Suggestion was to make the Vector Art and Assign the 1/4 inch Bull Nose Bit but actually cut with a Circuit Board 1/16th inch bit. Use 1/4 inch strips of double stick tape to hold the loose cut outs in place. Lying to the machine locks the Carving Feed Rate into low gear for a smooth cut. If you used Tabs and a 1/8 cutting bit then the bit would travel in low then High Speed. The High Speed leaves a rougher edge and in my case the tabs fracture the plastic. Double Stick Tape is your Friend.

Got that box of Circuit Board Bits used but re sharpened for $10.00 on eBay... And a Roto Zip bit holder... By telling the machine your using a 1/4 inch bit it does not give you the length problems like a 1/8 inch cutting bit in a Rock Chuck or Muscle Chuck.