View Full Version : Z Axis Stall, Error Code E06-0324

12-18-2018, 01:47 AM
Hey All,
I'm real sorry to post this, I know it's been asked a lot but none of the previous posts seem to relate to my issue. So the machine is about a year old (bought in 2017). A few months back I received the E06-0324 error, so I read through the forms and bought a new Z Motor pack. When I replaced the motor I still got the error, but when I came back the next day and warmed up the machine I didn't. So it's been working properly, but just last week I started getting the error again. I figured that since it was a new motor I should get a new FFC cable and a new Head Termination Electronics Board Assembly. Still no dice.

Repro breakdown:
Whenever I choose a project or try to scan an area the truck doesn't even twitch and I instantly get the error.
I formatted the memory card.
Replaced the Z Motor.
Replaced the FFC cable.
Replaced the Head Termination Electronics Board Assembly.
Checked the cables underneath the machine.
Checked all the other cable connections as well and all seem snug.
Using firmware 3.106.00025

Thanks in advance and sorry to trouble the board with this.

12-18-2018, 09:33 AM
Seems like you have tried everything. Maybe a power supply problem. When you move the truck by hand, is there a difference when the machine is on or off? With the machine on, there should be more resistance if the 24v is working.

12-19-2018, 02:10 AM
There is, but it isn't as dramatic as the Y truck. I have it plugged directly into a wall socket. Even with the scanning probe in it gives me the error. All the sensors are responding when tested also, if that helps.

12-19-2018, 10:22 AM
Best bet would be to call and speak to a hardware tech when you are at your machine and can troubleshoot.
Might be the controller...you can send it in for testing. $25 if no longer under warranty. I wouldn't do that until you have talked with a hardware tech.