View Full Version : Getting good finishing results when COLD atmospheric conditions are not controllable?

04-23-2018, 10:47 AM
I use Shellac for about 90% of my finishing coats... Zinsser seal coat ( it's 2lb cut shellac just marketed as a sealing coat ). I spray it under most circumstances when V-Carves are the subject because brushing it on can result is poor results as the finish doesn't always go down perfectly when the bristles jump in and out of the carved V lines.

Not having an atmospherically controllable area ( unfinished basement ) thought presents me with problems all year... winter it's cold and the ambient temperature will range from 52F to 58F but humidity is very low. IN the summertime the temp is more ideal at around 65-70F but the humidity can be problematic in a wet summer stretch ( humidifiers run to control it under all but the worst conditions outside )

I battle orange peeling during the winter when spraying the shellac. I can control it to an extent by warming the PRAVAL spay can ( I use those disposable ones with the 8oz glass bottles ) and shellac with an electric heater. Warming up the wood though can take too long so I normally don't. I would have to build a small enclosure to contain the heat for it to really work. The shellac is warmed up to around 80F but the wood surface is still around mid 50F. I've tried cutting in more alcohol to help keep the shellac more viscous but it doesn't seem to do much to alleviate the orange peeling.

Does anyone have a good finish THAT DOES NOT give off lots of fumes and is not adversely effected by cold temps?

04-23-2018, 12:31 PM
All finishes have a temperature range for applications. Try thinning the shellac with a little alcohol.

04-29-2018, 04:15 PM
Try putting your project in the oven at a low temp for a few mins. That may help, I know I have the same temp problems here in Ohio and I sometimes put it in the oven, doesn't make momma happy but it helps.