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08-31-2017, 02:01 PM

CarveWright To Resume Limited Operations

Harvey has left an unprecedented path of destruction in it's wake through our area. The CarveWright team and our facilities were mostly fortunate in the storm, bit two employees homes were flooded and have suffered significant damage. We are doing everything we can to help them. Our hearts go out to all that are suffering during this time. If you wish to help, we ask you send donations to the American Red Cross.

AMERICAN RED CROSS (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001T1ZniAET5b7W16E4LK4XRRcZrKdZbtFBaSl_B9 vEunCwMNLxrTv69rYGumZ6jgaSmNtfvyYIw9k9iBo6fLH5ayIh QVFD7-OZMJ4TZQIYrYWSTV3pW3KCSrCOoKV6VaNH36ttDI3SZcAryQMI VbUO-pXP8v82iFyoCJmteuqIg77LEKwnJ5SBEVTERrQBubdw0SiZ-7FUyGetL1VqWB1I_CL1s0ai9Mq7Prqb49uk7rZi-GcMXR1HhB5mQJL67sfITgH00HTsBa8=&c=0FHq5T0tMUqKq8tKdqNnPD_0oMeq0BANC2qsKsUu-rLAs1o2CUxhhw==&ch=OEXCmI7BCFN0_UzKdoR387bZ069N0jvSqFgDYtHuCpE5DIc IV1O2TQ==)

Our offices and warehouse sustained only minor water damage, and internet service was restored today. Our phone system will be down for an indefinite amount of time due to flooding at an AT&T facility. Please email us for support if needed at support@carvewright.com.

We have limited staff at the moment, so please be patient with us while we repair our community and get life back to normal.

We will also post updates to our Facebook page as needed. Thank you all for your support and understanding!

CARVEWRIGHT FACEBOOK (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001T1ZniAET5b7W16E4LK4XRRcZrKdZbtFBaSl_B9 vEunCwMNLxrTv69j4Ajmpsr9hNXv2jnachGgDUDP4PvoBFsE24 8Q-Fr0J0RtZzVc7cGJvthaW6YcIGRr6s6WiI6lkzV2xjnGKk1YMul bzU2Ap0xbChToFA0zi_jATirm904zjdXUOrE09eiSGF4hT6yRv HeO2OH0U-uSA=&c=0FHq5T0tMUqKq8tKdqNnPD_0oMeq0BANC2qsKsUu-rLAs1o2CUxhhw==&ch=OEXCmI7BCFN0_UzKdoR387bZ069N0jvSqFgDYtHuCpE5DIc IV1O2TQ==)

08-31-2017, 03:46 PM
Thank you for the update!

08-31-2017, 08:15 PM
Glad to hear that they didn't get flooded out and only got a little water in. Hope the ones that got water in their houses will be able to get help to stay in their homes after they get them cleaned up and fixed.