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01-09-2017, 04:41 PM
Need help with this message.......X stall E04-0304. Could not find the error message for help. Larry

01-09-2017, 05:08 PM
This is from the attached pdf.

E04 – X axis stall (Normal) Description of Issue

An “X-Axis Stall” will happen when the machine is not able to move the board in and out of the machine when

Possible Causes

An “X-Axis Stall” can result from excessive head pressure, rolled up sandpaper belts, a wedged board, a board
that has a significant thickness taper to it, a gear set that has too much slop in it, a slow running cut motor, or a
gear set that is out of alignment.

Troubleshooting Steps

E05 – Y axis stall (Normal) Possible Causes
A Y-axis stall is caused when the difference between the commanded distance becomes much more than the
actual distance over the allotted time interval. An easy example of this would be putting your hand on the
cutting truck and preventing it from moving during an operation. The computer is commanding it (and expecting
it to move a certain distance in a given time interval) but your hand is preventing it from moving; or stalling the
movement. A stall does not have to be a physical obstacle to movement. For instance if a power lead to the
motor was broken then the motor would not move when commanded and the computer would record a stall.
Possible Causes
Causes include: obstacles blocking the movement of the cutting head, outdated firmware, faulty electrical
circuit in the shop, and electrical short in the machine, a loose connector, a faulty power supply, or a cut motor
that is not spinning.
Check to see that the sandpaper belts are not rolled up. This will have the same effect as the varying
thickness board. This is almost always the case so ask the customer to double check this.
Check to see that the board you were carving was not wedged in the machine (it will wedge if the width
of the board varies significantly along its length). Do this by slightly cranking up the head and moving the
board in and out of the machine along its length looking to see if it wedges between the squaring plate
and the sliding plate.
Check to see that the board you were carving does not vary in thickness over its length. If it does it will
wedge between the upper compression rollers and the belt drives and overload the X gears.
Check that the head pressure is between 75 to 85 lbs. If the head pressure is lower than 75 lbs or higher
than 85 lbs, it could well make the x-gears to stripe or brake. Please see the “Checking the Head
Pressure” document on the CarveWright website for continued troubleshooting of this issue.
Check the spacing of the metal gear on the X belt drives. When the machine is apart to replace the X
gears make sure that the spacing on the metal drive gear attached to the belt tray roller is correctly
spaced out from the end of the tray. You can see instructions for checking this in the document titled
“Replacing the Sandpaper Drive Belts”. In place of the spacer mentioned in that document use a stacked
penny and dime.
Verify that the cut motor is not getting bogged down or stopping during the project. If the bit is not cutting
it will cause increased force on the gears.
If none of the above steps solves the issue consult a senior engineer