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12-09-2015, 03:14 PM
Thanks for the email, Garry! You made our day.

"You guys never cease to amaze me. When I saw the total of my order; I couldn't believe my eyes. I was prepared to spend a lot more. The service from all you guys has been magnificent to say the least. This CNC and your company personnel deserve a lot more credit than you're getting. Thats why when I finish the orders I'm working on; we're going to build another machine. I get such a wonderful reaction from people that see "our" projects. It's like a little child on Christmas morning. Eyes wide open with excitement; big colgate smile, and a warm feeling that makes you glow inside and out. It makes me want to work more; perfect every flaw in the wood; so you will know what the outcome will be. Enjoy being involved with your company. Garry"