View Full Version : Thinking of making a cane - rotary carve or multiple pieces on flat stock?

01-14-2015, 10:51 PM
I have had an idea for a while now about a cane I would like to make for myself. I don't really NEED a cane, but I do have knee issues, and there are times I would not mind having one handy... and it is likely that I will need one eventually. The idea I have is quite detailed and complex, and I don't know how I would design it or lay it out, exactly. It is a leaping lion, with wings outspread and forward.

Below is a picture of a cane with an ivory leaping lion, which is almost exactly how I would like the body and head laid out.

The second picture is of a winged lion; though I don't like how those wings are done (a single wing, and used as the handle - I wish to have an actual pair of wings spreading out away from the handle, from behind the mane and down/forward... I would grip the body of the lion just behind the wings to hold the cane). The main reason for that second picture, is I love the spiral like design coming down from the top of the cane for a few inches, and I would like to replicate that - plus it is a winged lion so it at least somewhat fits the theme of my design.

The last picture is more or less how I envision the wings positioned... starting from the point between the shoulderblades just behind the mane, and angled slightly forward and down. Would have to play with the position to avoid undercuts, if that is possible.

Either way I do this, I will have to assemble multiple pieces; either doing the wings separate from the body and cane on flat stock, or doing the handle and a portion of the cane on the rotary, and the bottom half of the cane separately (either carved, or just an appropriately sized rod/dowel). But since I have the rotary jig, and haven't yet made use of it, and since I have had extensive issues with 2-sided carves not aligning perfectly, I thought this might be a good project to pursue in the near future. Any ideas?


01-14-2015, 11:32 PM
Wow, sounds like a good project. I am thinking you could do the lion on the rotary, the spiral on the rotary, and the wings as a double sided carve. Read some of the recent posts on jog to center/jog to position and you can alleviate
the double sided alignment issues.
there will probably be some hand work to get the wings to key into the lion.
the hard part is finding/building the models in stl or some other convertible format to piece it all together

Alan Malmstrom
01-15-2015, 08:30 AM
I'd like to make that and put it up on the Pattern Depot. I would put the front claws forward a little and maybe make the mane a little longer. The wings would have to be kind of thick and short. It would have to be done as 3D first and set up as a double sided carve, the lion would be the same on both sides but the wings would be different. Doing a Boolean operation would separate the wings and lion evenly in 3D.