View Full Version : Harbor Freight DC Modification

08-02-2014, 11:56 AM
I finally finished the modification to my Harbor Freight DC. After studying several examples on the internet including a few from the Phil Thien website (http://www.jpthien.com/smf/index.php) I came up with this design. The trash can is a 32 gallon Brute by Rubbermaid and inside is the Thien baffle. This creates a chip and dust separator that seems to work very well. The electrical boxes mounted on the outside are the iVac switch mounted to the iVac Contactor (http://www.ivacswitch.com/default.action?itemid=54). This setup allows the DC to be started and shut down when the Carvewright (or any other tool) is started. There is a little bit of pressure loss but, I hope to gain that back when the Wynn filter arrives and is installed.