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05-14-2014, 04:09 AM
I can't get Centerline to remove everything within a letter. For example, if I set it to do an "O", it will do one thin-walled O inside another bigger thin-walled one, instead of one thick-walled O; "l" will look like a rectangle instead of a thick vertical stroke. How do I get it to do the second option?

05-14-2014, 05:11 AM
It may be the font you are using. Not all fonts work well with centerline.

05-14-2014, 05:45 AM
How big are you trying to make you letters? Can you post a picture?

05-14-2014, 08:50 AM
Are you sure you are choosing Centerline and not Outline? (Sorry if that is a stupid question!)

05-14-2014, 09:01 AM
I suspect Connie has it. Centerline will only plunge the bit so deep. Of course with a V bit, to make a wider stroke, the bit must plunge deeper. Once the depth limit is hit, two stroke are required to get the necessary width.

05-14-2014, 09:53 AM
That was my first thought, machine set to outline....


05-25-2014, 12:28 PM
I have some photos.696896968869687
The middle one shows the result I am getting. Instead of just doing the inner & outer outlines of the letter, I want the area in between them to be cut out as well. The first photo shows the cut path as I am designing it. The third one shows that I have chosen centerline. Any ideas?

05-25-2014, 12:52 PM
I think you are choosing the size too be way too large. The V bit depth is determined by the width between the edges of the letter. When the width gets to be too large (wider than the bit), the path is spit into two. Just think about how deep the bit would have to go and how wide it would have to be to create what you are asking for.

05-25-2014, 01:48 PM
Unfortunately centerline in designer is somewhat limited in what it can do and is unable to do what you want automatically. Other programs like VCarve Pro will remove the material in the middle. The only way you can do this on designer is to make some vector paths in the center and clear it out using a straight cutter.

05-25-2014, 02:05 PM

Is this what you are looking for..

If so, Use Raster , then Invert and this is what you get...

05-25-2014, 07:42 PM
That doesn`t look like centerline to me. Post your mpc, or at least tell us the size of the letter and font name.

05-25-2014, 08:18 PM
He did show Centerline selected in the third photo. You could try putting the A in place, do it inverted raster carved, copy and paste it (it will be in the same spot) and change that one to Centerline. That will get you the pointy corners that raster can't do. Designer should show what it will look like.

05-25-2014, 08:29 PM
It is centerline. I see the same thing on mine. Once the text is thicker than the width of the bit at the maximum depth it is willing to cut then in runs a path around they perimeter of the character. As long as the text is smaller then it can cut in a single path.

05-25-2014, 08:46 PM
What about making the centerline as big as possible before it separates and then make a pattern. The pattern can then be made as big as one wants.

05-25-2014, 09:12 PM
Nice thing about centerline is that it is fast. You can do almost anything you want with raster at the expense of carve time.