View Full Version : Path Offset to Outline Patterns

06-11-2013, 12:13 PM
If you outline a pattern which you have not created, the outline inherits the "non ownership" from the original pattern. Normally this is not a problem since you are using the outline with the pattern to add something like a cut path or carving clearance. If you use advanced features like puffing with the outline, you will, as before, end up with an object you do not own. The problem with puffing, however, is that it defies being shared on the forum. The file size is usually too large and other members without the 3D add on cannot upload the mpc to carve. It has been an important procedure for those with the 3D tools to convert to patterns before sharing.

Here is the useful fact I discovered. The path offset of an outline does not inherit the "non ownership" flag. (An offset of 0 simply duplicates the curve without the ownership.) The offset or curve can now be used, for example, for puffing, and the result saved as a pattern.

I suppose this is a loop hole in the protection scheme and could be abused to extract outlines from licensed patterns. I personally do not find outlines that useful on their own and hope that LHR does not close this loop hole now that it is exposed.