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02-01-2007, 11:33 AM
Hello all, I want to let you know what I have been going through just trying to get my self the CompuCarve from Sears.

First let's just say DO NOT ORDER FROM SEARS.

I had tried to place an order in the 1st week of Jan and was told that they were not taking orders or back orders and then was told to call back on the 13th and you can place the order and you would receive it on the 24th.

OK I marked my calendar and on the 13th I called that morning and was told again that they were not taking orders or back orders. I informed them of my last conversation and it did no good I was told well, you were misinformed.

About 20 min later I called again after sending sears some emails regarding this. I again was told I could not order. I waited about 1:30 hours and called again and yet again the same story I explained about the conversation I first had about being told to call on the 13th and the lady put me on hold when she came back she said she would take my order. Ya Hoo.

Well, my order was placed she said I would be charged when it ships. On the 19th I was charged so I called them and got a tracking # they told me I would get iy on the 24th. The 24th came and no machine I called was told it was shipped on the 19th give it till the 26th ok no problem. 26th no machine. Tracking has only shown billing info received not that it was picked up or on it's way. I call Sears was told it was shipped just give it till 29th ok so on the 29th same thing no machine.

I call UPS and am told they never picked up the item that they have only received the billing info for the shipment. I call Sears and am told an investigation on the shipment will be started and someone will contact me within 48 hrs. On the 28th no contact I call them and the lady says she will start an investigation and I tell her there was supposed to already been one started two days ago she said no there is not one going on. I am Mad now. She says she starts it and also tells me UPS will be contacted. I check the tracking and it says exception for the status.

Today I call sears and it's apparent they do not make notes on my order screen because as all the other calls start off with they tell me it was shipped on the 19th then I have to tell them the whole story anyway the call today I ask for a supervisor and am told that it did ship but UPS damaged it and sent it back to them. Wait one darn minute I believe this like I am a skinny buff stud that all the lady's want. The supervisor says that they have placed a new order for me on it but it is out of stock and it will be awhile. I told her just give me my money back I was done with all this.

I fell I was lied too and misinformed this whole thing has caused me to tell you about this mess about what I have been going through trying to get me a CarveWright but now that I am going to live 2 years less due to the stress this has caused me how about CarveWright sending me one for free.

Julie Coffey
02-01-2007, 02:16 PM
I'm sorry Roger to have heard of your difficulties. I went through something a bit similar but the end result was a bit better- a few things I learned.

When calling to speak to someone at a major department store- always get the name or ID# there tends to be a bit more accountability there. Then if you don't get satisfaction- you can go to the department supervisor and give him something he/she can work with. No supervisor wants unhappy customers.

Since I don't know how far you are from your store- when there is a touchy situation always go in so they have to face you. Stand at the register do not step off to the side- ask for the department head or shift leader and do not budge. Believe me they will be more inclined to bend over backwards to please you then to have a living breathing advertisement for poor customer service where there are customers waiting to give them money.

And lasty- after over 13 yrs as the head of a Customer Service PR department never forget the people you are dealing with there are not the last link in that chain- ask for the store manager if you feel you have not gotten satisfaction. They get paid more because its their job to deal with these sort of issues. Make them earn their keep for the day instead of just hanging around the store smiling at customers and drinking orange julius'. I know they do more then that but at times thats what they only apprear to be doing.

But before you go that last leg always make sure you've exhausted (key word here) every effort to give the underlings a chance to make things right.

I went in paid in cash- they LOST my order- I went in proved I had indeed paid for it. Was promptly teamed up with a department manager who called me every 2-3 days with updates. And miraculously things began to happen.

Its very rare I have to make a call to a regional 'someone' and preface it by "I want you to know I am NOT mad at you..."

I really hope it works out for you- its nearly enough to make you want to take up drinking isn't it?


02-01-2007, 11:01 PM

Thanks for the tips. I still want one but am just going to wait now. I realy got fed up with them. Heck maybe the price will come down later on also cause I know CarveWright or Sears aint gonna give me one for all that trouble.

Now I am just hoping there will not be any problem with them crediting my payment back to my card. I better find some wood to knock on.