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01-30-2007, 05:23 PM
I have been watching this machine, pretty much since it's inception, looking for an excuse to buy! I think I have finally found it.

First some background. I used to have a biz with 3 full size cnc routers, full complement of woodworking equipment housed in a 5000sq ft shop. No more, I sold my biz in Oct of last year and now have almost no equip..not even a table saw!

I now find myself needing a wood product.

What I'm needing is a simple tray. It will be approx 3X6 final inside dimension, 2" high.

I would like to be able to begin by applying a self adhesive vinyl product to the back of my stock.

My thought is, I can load up a slightly oversize stick of 1/2 stock, use a straight bit to square up, run a .25 dado down one edge (for a bottom tray) and a .5 rabbit along what would be the top edge. From here, I'm hoping that the machine will hold the stock in tight enough to allow me to run a 90 degree v-cutter across the grain, one on each end, and then at each appropriate midsection dimension. I would need to have enough Z axis control to machine down to just the vinyl, hopefully leaving it intact.

My hope is now that the machining is done, I can remove the stock, fold it up using the vinyl as a hinge at each corner, capture my tray bottom and using strap clamp or maybe even just tape, glue it up and let it set.

For the most part, done!

So, can the CarveWright do this? Do the pinch rollers hold the stock tight enough for the cross v-groove action, and is the Z axis control accurate enough?

Not big qty, maybe a 2-3 a day. Material will most likely be Cherry or Walnut.

I appreciate you time reading this long question...have I found a reason?

Thank you

01-31-2007, 11:38 AM
Not meaning to be impolite, nor sound too impatient...but, is anyone reading thiis thread...is this task not possible....are you all having too much fun?

Sorry to be so impatient..CarveWright is to busy to call to answer the question and the sale price is going to end soon and I'm the sort that if I know it was once $1699, I'm not likely to pay $1899 a few days later and therefore would not purchase....


01-31-2007, 11:57 AM
Sorry, friend we are mostly just a group of CW users sometimes it's hard to read all the posts. The biggest problem I can see with your proposed scenario is that the machine has a depth of cut limit of 1" so it cannot cut down all the way thourgh you 2" stock to the vinal. Why not downlopad the trail software and try creating wht you thinking about. It will tell you if your trying to do something impossible.

01-31-2007, 12:19 PM
Jeff...thank you. I know, I know...and I appreciate your time.

I guess I did not explain well. I would only be V-grooving .5 inch deep, on the flat across the 2" width of the board.

We used to have some wonderfull machines called V-Groovers that would do this all in one pass. But, then we were doing 1000's of stereo speaker cabinets aday..justified the huge 10' long machines.

Thank you again.