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01-25-2007, 09:14 PM
Question? Is the plastic cover for the Sears unit available for purchase as a repair part? And if it is, how much? Would also be interested in a used one from service, doesn't need to be pretty just functional.

I also sent in the request via Carve Wright Customer Service / Sales

I would like to make a thin, wide dust collector port built into the plastic cover of the Compu Carve. I would like to cut and drill the extra one in case is screw it up. I still want the protection, safety, and warranty of a plastic cover. I would like to be able to flip the plastic lid and collector up and out of the way for service and still see inside.

My unit is also a 2 wire plug, no ground. Would ground the dust collector hood through the collector hose and I believe the best thing to do is ground the bulk of metal parts of the CC to the dust collector to prevent Ground Loops.




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01-29-2007, 10:57 PM
Talked to Chris today, GREAT GUY !!!. 22 hours a day dedicated Technician. Thanks for your DEDICATION !!! :D

A used cover is on the way to me to cut up. THANK YOU CHRIS !!!! :lol:

I am thinking of making the dust collector ducting from some Copper circuit board sheet material I have. It has a fiberglass core, I will solder the two layers together so I don't make a big Capacitor out of it. They paint the picture tubes with liquid carbon on the inside and outside to make it a big capacitor. It helped the electrons get to where they need to go. That's why a picture tube anode will hold a charge for months unplugged.

I am thinking of making the bottom box for dust collecting from the same copper material and use a Y splitter on the 4 inch hose, ducting from the top and bottom. I will post pictures of my progress. As you all know I am not shy about posting pictures.

Since I also have a 2 wire plug unit I will just ground the collector boxes through the dust collector to prevent ground loops. There is some interesting footage on the Internet with wood dust explosions by static. I was wondering if I should use a resistor to connect the collector boxes to ground? If you have ever used the anti static wrist straps for soldering circuit boards to prevent static electricity damage, they have something like a 100 ohm resistor between the wrist strap and ground. This is to prevent you from providing a direct path to ground through the strap if you touch a voltage source with your right hand and the strap is connected to your left hand. Through the heart goes the electrical current and "Tilt" goes the body like the CarveWright Server today. The idea is to "Bleed off" Static Electricity Charge not cause a spark arc inside the dust chamber with a explosive mixture of wood dust. If you see a picture posted with me looking like Wile E. Coyote :shock: and the road runner after another ACME explosive device you will know I discovered Static Build Up. Beep Beep !!! Found a great blackened face Wile E coyote picture but due to copyright I didn't post it.

There are pages and pages written on dust collecting and static. I believe a static build up on and in the Carve unit will wreck havoc on the electronics.


The Bard
01-30-2007, 08:53 AM

if i was really dedicated I'd be here 24 hours...

02-05-2007, 09:52 PM
Plastic Dust cover arrived today DHL. Thanks Bard !!!! Was only charged for Shipping, about $8.00, What a DEAL... Thanks. Now to get started on the dust collector. The Pleated Dust Collector Filter arrived today too. Rather than exhaust the air from the heated room outside along with the heat I will recirculate the air through a quality Penn State filter. The regular size was out of stock so they sold me the 40 inch version for the smaller price. Thinking about a timer circuit to run the dust collector every once and a while as the job progresses rather than hours at a time.


The Bard
02-05-2007, 11:56 PM
well, it was all scratched up... didn't want you claiming we sold you something refurbished as new!

02-06-2007, 05:56 AM
No need to place resistor in dust system ground, It is there in a wrist strap for personal safety. Consider using a shop air filter, it removes fine dust in the air. I mounted a Jet in the center of my shop on the ceiling and it cleans most of the dust. It comes with a course and a fine filter, I added a cheap furnace filter in front to get most of the debris and it works great.